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To: The Prime Minister, Health Minister and The Australian Medical Association

Legalise medicinal Cannabis Oil use within Australia

Medicinal Cannabis Oil has so many uses from simple pain relief to curing cancer. It has been legalised for medicinal uses in other parts of the world but Australia is not with the program. Best of all it has no negative side effects unlike other forms of treatment.
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are very damaging to the body and only have a low strike rate.
I don't want a synthetic form to be synthesized though, it just won't work. And we have the land and the means to cultivate it naturally in Australia.

Why is this important?

I have a few friends with cancer, of varying types, and I really want to give them another option than Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, which is very invasive and damaging to the body.
I have done a bit of study around cancer and what it really is (a mutation of healthy cells within the body) and there has to be other ways of treating it other than killing off everything.


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