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To: Australian governments at all levels

Legislate to curb Australia's accelerating rate of land clearing

Legislate to curb Australia's accelerating rate of land clearing

Dear Ministers,

The following community members call on governments at all levels to heed the open letter from over 300 scientists, released on 10 March 2019, which calls for "Australian governments at all levels to return to, or pass new, effective legislation, supported by sound regulations, to protect native vegetation from broad-scale land-clearing."

Why is this important?

Australia remains a global deforestation hotspot, and areas across the country are increasingly affected by intense fires, record temperatures and drought. Land clearing is harming Australian industry and society, as well as the flora and fauna that are directly affected. Over 300 scientists recently called on governments at all levels to take action to curb land clearing and native habitat destruction in Australia. Concerned Australians can amplify the scientists' message by supporting this campaign.

The original open letter can be read here:

This interview with Euan Ritchie sets out the issues clearly:

And this article in The Conversation sets out the reasons why urgent action is required at all levels of government:

(NB Image courtesy of Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO).)

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • I hope I will be dead (66) before it gets really bad, but if we keep on as we have been, it will get VERY bad quite soon. The signs are all there and getting worse. It is self-accelerating. If we stop right now we _might_ stop it, there is so much resistance from the industrialists.
  • Nothing is going to happen, they are going to destroy Earth. Robots and machines have taken over..
  • We only got ONE WORLD!


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