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To: Sam Duluk Member for Waite

Make Cross Road Safe: support Waite Rd traffic lights

The installation of traffic lights at Waite and Cross Road, Urrbrae would enable safe crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles; slow traffic which is currently speeding and uninterrupted, and save lives, reduce daily stress and improve the lives of locals and employees immeasurably.

Why is this important?

Each day thousands of local residents, families, aged care residents and their visitors and care workers; employees at Adelaide Uni Waite campus, the CSIRO, the childcare centre, and 3 aged care facilities; cyclists, pedestrians and commuters risk their lives crossing, entering, leaving Cross Road against speeding traffic between Fullarton Road and the M1, A1, A 17 intersection. This is a major safety issue for all of us, as well as those transiting the local area. This section of Cross Road has become a rat run and needs to be brought under control for our ability to work and live Safely.

Urrbrae SA 5064, Australia

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