To: Yvette D'Ath

National self exclusion for pokies

Warm Greetings

With the national self exclusion for online gambling bill looking to be put into place, it would be an opportunity to also put into place a national self exclusion system for all traditional pokie venues via a single application that is then enforce nationally until the self exclusion period ends.

Kind Regards
Michael H Flack

Why is this important?

This is important as the current model of self exclusion does not address the vast number of alternate venues a troubled gambler has access to once they have excluded themselves from a single venue.

Also as the current process of self exclusion is very personal and confronting having a means of doing this via an independent source would be of great help.

Lastly by this being a national self exclusion system it would be able to take advantage of the current id requirements used to access a venue and allow the venue to automatically cross check each patron against the register to ensure compliance without increased costs to the venue.