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To: The Clarence Valley Council

Stop minning development in the Clarence Valley

The immediate stop and objection to the development of mining in the Clarence Valley

Why is this important?

March with me people I call for any and all, come march down the street of Grafton to the Council Chambers and send the message to Government that the people of The Valley say " No mining development in the Clarence Valley " we are not about their mining agendas. Stop and object to the development of mining in the Clarence Valley. For the preservation of our Valley, for this generation,and the next. Mining companies are raceing against time. Keven Rudd signed the Kioto Protocol, meaning, in 2020 Australia will lay down tools. No mining, no logging and no fishing for ten years, six years to take as much as they can.
.Clarence Valley has been rezoned as RU2 meaning minning and agriculture The harbour at Yamba has been approved, what do you think that means for the Clarence Valley and the generations to come.Why do you think that the city of Grafton has now been approved for a second bridge after all this time, there doesnt appear to be any new development. When was the last time you saw a new house being built in Grafton ? So why now ? does it have anything to do with the harbour at Yamba? and wait till they anounce , they will dam the Clarence Dont be dumbed down by the prospect of money or employment,,they have their own agenda. Once its gone it is too late to object

How it will be delivered

Peaceful protest and march in Grafton on Friday the 14th of March we will deliver them in person, to the Clarence Valley Coucil Chambers


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"We're as Mad as Hell n we're not guna take it any more"

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