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To: Telstra, Hobart City Council

No mobile phone tower in Sandown Park

No mobile phone tower in Sandown Park

Stop turning Sandown Park into an industrial zone with a huge mobile phone tower.

We are asking for;
1. Proper community consultation.
2. For Telstra and HCC to recognise that a big, unsightly mobile phone tower in Sandown Park is not appropriate and to work with the community to develop alternate proposals that better balance the mobile phone needs of the community with the infrastructure required to support that.
3. For any proposal to build additional antennae on the existing pole to go through a proper planning process to ensure it is carefully considered.

Why is this important?

Sandown Park is a much loved Hobart recreational area. People come to wind down, walk their dogs, play some sport and to breathe the air.

Telstra have decided to build a huge array of mobile phone antennae on an existing pole in the park relying on their own interpretation that this is low impact.

They don’t want to ask the community what they think so the notice is buried in a small community newspaper.

Please treat the community with respect, we care about the place we live in and the places we use to unwind in.

Please don’t wreck our park.

Note: No design or image of the proposed addition of 6 antennae on the pole has been provided so the third image is an example of a 6 antennae configuration. The image will be updated once provided by Telstra


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