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To: Moreton Bay Regional Council

NO to Option G (West Petrie Bypass)

This campaign has ended.

Option B, the wider community and the engineers (ARUP) preferred option (council paid with our money for ARUP's advice and are now totally ignoring it). Option B poses no threat to our highly valued Koala habitat at Kurwongbah. Option B has been in the pipeline for many years and when residents of Petrie on Pine performed a surveyor check this information would have been detailed. Option G would also affect our local Pine Rivers Pony Club, Pine Rivers Mens Shed, Pine Rivers oldest trees and the ambience of the North Pine Country Park and History Village! This is Destruction of our Community Assets and is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

Please read the follow from the ARUP report: Page 8 in the Content Report
After reviewing the MCA results with the client it was identified that Option B is the preferred option.
It recorded the best value-for-money and received the highest score in the Multi Criteria Analysis.
When considering other aspects of Option B it was apparent that this option has minimal
environmental impact compared to other options, as it is largely within land reserve. This has also minimised the requirement of land acquisition. In comparison with the other options, Option B requires only one bridge as compared to four bridges for Option H & J.
A concept design for Option B (Andrew Petrie Drive) has been prepared and the drawings have been provided in Appendix I.

Why is this important?

This is very important in the protection of our community assets (North Pine Country Park) and wildlife particularly our highly valued Koalas and their habitat. For further information please visit Facebook page NO to option G and or Moreton Bay Eco-Alliance

How it will be delivered

The Moreton Bay Regional Council Petition has been delivered and attached below is MBRC response. As ratepayers and residents we are very disappointed with this reply and it shows that these systems are merely in place for the purpose of show.



2016-06-10 03:13:40 +1000

Petition is successful with 1,720 signatures

2014-11-14 10:09:21 +1100

Petition is successful with 1,709 signatures

2014-10-31 15:35:14 +1100

Hi all, great news. Please see the attached link - NO TO OPTION G "says the State Government"

2014-04-28 12:01:22 +1000

A great article in The Dayboro Grapevine - Feb 2014

2014-03-05 18:41:09 +1100

Apologies, the below link did not work. Following is the response from the Minister Transport and Main Roads. There were 4500 + signatures requesting the State Governent not fund Option G. Please keep the pressure on and let your Councillors, MP's and whomever represents you know that Option G is not the right option. Thank you

2013-11-17 10:50:45 +1100

Please find following the response from the Minister for Transport and Main Roads to the State Parliament petition requesting that that State do not assist in providing SIGNIFICANT MAJORITY of funding for Option G. Thank you to all for your continued support with is Significant Community Issue.

2013-11-09 12:42:47 +1100

Dear NO TO OPTION G Supporters, below is Moreton Bay Regional Councils reply to the Petition (876+ residents and rate payers of Moreton Bay). THE BYPASS TO NOWHERE (to the T section of Narangba Road)!/photo.php?fbid=10201648225040859&set=pcb.568871709829424&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10201648224440844&set=pcb.568871709829424&type=1&theater

2013-08-28 09:54:07 +1000

Community Awareness Meeting this Sunday 1st September at the YMCA North Pine Lodge 2-4pm. Maybe have lunch at the markets and then attended the meeting? For further information see FB page NO TO OPTION G (G would be a destruction of your community assets, when not necessary)!

It's YOUR Old Petrie Town (AKA North Pine Country Markets)

2013-07-29 21:59:39 +1000

1,000 signatures reached