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To: Inner West Council - Sydney

Pedestrian safety in Stanmore

Pedestrian safety in Stanmore

We want traffic calming measures implemented to slow bicycle traffic on the shared path on the north side of Stanmore station, adjacent to Percival Rd to improve the safety of pedestrians.
We want Council to stop increasing the number of shared paths between pedestrians and cyclists along the planned Lewisham to Newtown cycle way (Route 7).
We want to stop the planned destruction of healthy trees along the pop up route.

Why is this important?

The footpath outside Stanmore station which is currently a shared path between pedestrians and cyclists is not an appropriate width to safely accomodate pedestrians needing to cross the path of oncoming cyclists (sometimes at speed), on their way to Stanmore station, one of the 4 local schools (or commuting to another school by train) and the local shops.
The width of the path is constrained by the old railway buidling which blocks access and forces pedestrians into the path of oncoming cyclists as they cross or wait for the traffic lights.
Our concern is that with the implementation of the planned Lewisham to Petersham pop up cycle lane and therefore an increase in cycling activity, that pedestrian safety will be further compromised along the route.
The local area is comprised of school children, young families with prams and toddlers, the elderly and the less mobile.
We are also concerned about the removal of healthy trees and the narrowing of Railway Road due to the new bicycle lane. Cars already swerve in front of each other in an attempt to avoid the speed bumps and this practice will only get more dangerous with less room to manouevre.



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