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To: Councils, Supermarkets, Companies, Consumers

Plastics MUST be reduced and recycled in Australia NOW!

The use of plastics, especially the most harmful plastics (those that are least able to be recycled), is damaging our health, destroying soils and killing animals on land and in our oceans at a horrendous rate.

We need your leadership NOW to ensure that you are putting this issue at the top of your agenda. Coles, you are getting rid of plastic bags but you are bringing in new food products with the Coles label that contain unrecyclable plastic (e.g. gluten free scotch finger biscuits). This is unacceptable. See what Sweden is doing and follow their intelligence and progressiveness. Please create a much stronger vision for our future. Inform yourself and understand that this is a critical issue that needs more leadership NOW!

There is no more time to waste, no more plastic to waste! Please take more action now.

Why is this important?

The amount of plastic that goes into landfill or directly into the environment, including soils and oceans is catastrophically high. People do not understand that this is an enormous crisis which requires much more leadership in this country. Other countries are way ahead of us and we could learn so much from them!


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