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To: The New South Wales Premier

Please Help a Family See their Extremely Sick Mother in ICU

A close family friend went into hospital to have a simple procedure done three days ago. While she was having the procedure she had a stroke, she is in ICU with no idea of what is happening. Her beautiful three daughters and husband are not allowed in to see her and she is scared and alone.

All her family members are worried sick about her. They where told to Skype, however she is unable to use her hands. Please help by signing this petition, even if they will let her husband in to see her... she’s going through something that is petrifying and doesn’t have the support network she needs. Her family are worried sick about her and NEED TO SEE HER. Please sign this petition and make the powers that be LISTEN. None of her family members have COVID-19 and would gladly be tested again.

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves a family member with them when they are going through something as traumatic as this, it’s inhumane not to let at least one family member in.

Sydney NSW, Australia

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