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To: The Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled.

Politicians Pensions. Equity and Fairness in meeting the expectations of Australia's Citizens.

Members of the Australian Senate, we the undersigned, petition the Senate to amend the existing legislation relating to Politicians Pensions. We desire that Political Pensions be paid at the same rate, under the same eligibility requirements, and at the same age, as every other Australian Citizen.

Why is this important?

Many Australians are disenchanted with, what they consider, the excessive and unwarranted pensions paid to politicians on leaving Parliament. No other Australian worker is paid a pension on leaving their employment, or when terminated (i.e. not re-elected), neither are they paid a percentage of their wage. Politicians Pensions should be the same amount, and have the same eligibility requirements applied to every other Australian. Specifically, a Politicians Pension not be accessible until reaching retirement age, be means tested, and equivalent in every way to the age pension entitlements of every other Australian. An ex politician is no different to any other Australian worker and should not entitled any differently with their pension . To quote a recent Treasurer, "The age of entitlement is over."


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