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Protect Small Business Essential Services

Demand the ACCC intervenes at Government level to restrict the Major Supermarkets cementing their monopoly at this time , to ensure the equitable distribution of wholesale goods to protect Small Business. Shopping local will minimise the spread of the virus, preserve employment at this crisis point

Why is this important?

Suppliers/ manufacturers are limited in their supply of goods to wholesalers (Metcash, t/a/ Campbells) who stock small business such as IGA's. They are forced to maintain preferential supply to major retailers Coles & Woolworths. If small traders can not access stock to sell to our local customers during the lockdown, it will only exacerbate the spread of the virus and drive small businesses to close from financial ruin. The priority must be to get stock to consumers, where ever they choose to shop. Whilst Coles representatives are seen on the news standing in front of warehouses stacked to the roof - my wholesaler's (Metcash) racks are bare. This is unethical in this time of crisis.


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