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To: Eurobodalla Council

Pump Track and jumps for South Durras - Eurobodalla Shire

To utilize some of the South Durras unused area adjacent to the Soccer oval.
For the creation of a Pump Track and MTB Jumps to service the Eurobodalla residents and tourists alike.

Why is this important?

To help engage the community in a project that will foster an excellent recreational and meeting place for Eurobodalla Residents and visitors alike.

The South Durras Skate Park/Basketball court site already acts as a critical community meeting place, the addition of a Pump Track/MTB jumps will broaden the public use of this community space.

Embracing Fitness and Fun: Pump tracks provide a fun and accessible way for community members of all ages to engage in physical activity.

The inclusion of a Pump Track and MTB jumps at the currently disused public space (area adjacent to the soccer field) and align with other similar projects throughout the Eurobodalla.

This is only a proposal at this stage to gauge community interest and support.

The proposed location will require extensive planning with residents and council.
South Durras NSW 2536, Australia

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