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To: Federal Government

'Queensland Rail to Casino'

Request and facilitate the state governments of NSW & Queensland to cooperate on integrating the NSW 'North Coast' line into the Brisbane / Gold Coast line.
An electric line running on Qld gauge, from Brisbane to Casino will save large amounts of fossil fuel, & will transform access for the Northern Rivers. It will also facilitate access from the southern states to the Gold Coast. The line would have Brisbane City, Brisbane International and Domestic Terminals, Gold Coast, Coolangatta International Airport, Murwillumbah, Mullum, Byron Bay, Lismore and Casino.
Currently, the very end of the North Coast Line is Condong Sugar Mill - which has a mothballed cogeneration plant, which could provide sustainably generated electricity to power the line.
This campaign is very important, as otherwise pollies may soon start irretrievably selling off assets and land, which might make a future sustainable transport system unachievable.

Why is this important?

Unless you are a 'deniersaur', the planet is dying. And if you are, it still is.

We urgently need to;
• Transfer from fossil fuelled private vehicles to public transport, which has greatly reduced energy needs per passenger mile.
• Power this public transport by renewable sources.
• 'QR to Casino' is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Reinvigorating an all but abandoned line (Northern Rivers Line) will transform transportation between Casino and Brisbane, greatly enhancing the 'value' of the region.
• Northern Rivers has long been beholden to special interest groups who do not want shoppers to have easy access to Brisbane, or who think that the North Coast does not need Public Transport, as other lines connect to Brisbane - from the 'Sydney' & 'NSW Government' point of view.
• It is time Northern Rivers residents had a say.
• A road tunnel is currently being built on the Pacific Highway west of Byron Bay - cost ~ approximately 1 billion dollars - this is about the SAME COST as re gauging & electrifying NR line, & connecting it to GC Line / Brisbane.
• Ask NR residents would they prefer to have the Byron tunnel, or a direct electric train to the Gold Coast & Brisbane?
• Reopening the NR line as a serious rail line - no longer 'once a day to the big smoke', but 'integrating the region, on the hour'* will considerably reduce road traffic, making roads safer and making existing roads capable of handling all regular traffic. NR residents can then commute to Brisbane - 'Relaxing by Rail'!
• The land use and residential pattern of the NR area has evolved around the North Coast rail line. Development of the Pacific Highway then caused the line to be closed, due to competition. Now that the highway follows the coast (eg Yelgun to Chinderah bypass), those towns and villages on the NR line route are poorly serviced. Reopening the NR line on that route will correct this situation.
• 'Synergy' means that each new station added to a rail line or network, benefits all of the other stations. That, e.g., Burringbar would be (ultimately) connected to Bendigo, benefits both stations. Short lines eg GC line, or worse, short lines with limited service (once per day of the old NR line) are of significantly reduced usefulness.
• Integrating these lines to become 'QR to Casino', & powered by sugar cane bagasse, overcomes these difficulties.

* Approx 40 trains per day run from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Initially, about 1 train per hour should be enough for the NR section -

How it will be delivered

Stage a press conference, & deliver by email.


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Hi all supporters! This Saturday (Dec 8th) there is a meeting in Lismore about getting the NR Line running again, Just want to say that time appears be short if you would like to see trains back on the NR Line - rather than having a bicycle track destroy any chance.
On Sat the 8th Dec there is a meeting in Lismore at 10, see below. Get along & support if at all possible!

Also, I wrote a paper about this line - which you can see at FB group 'reinstall murwillumbah rail' - look in recent group files, 'Murwillumbah to Casino Line' pdf. It may give you a different idea from the usual gaslighting re the 'non viability' of NR Rail. Also has a link to Lismore meeting poster -
The target - is hourly battery electric railmotors - finally a regional commuter line, which it never was before.
Also, to rail trailers, we are very happy to work WITH you to a mutually acceptable solution - but absolutely not to closing to rail.

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Thanks Lobie. Guvs have spent near 2 billion on St Helena tunnels, Yelgun to Chinderah & Banora Point in the last few years - about 3 - 4 times what it would take to implement full 'QR to Casino'.

Car economy is unsustainable; 2018 Comm Games would be a great time to have QR to Casino running, might need to get the Chinese to come & do it tho!

NR & GC been victims of hostile state politics & commercial interests for over 100 years 'don't want Tweed people shopping in Qld' (SMH) - time maybe for NR to secede - or at least threaten to - might get pollies attention. Quality of Life, Sustainability, - commute to Bris, or vice versa!.

I need help to get the message out tho - not sure when I will get home again. If YOU like the idea, sign, forward, feedback. Phone your MP!


2014-04-29 20:59:48 +1000

From Tweed Daily 'Nationals host Tweed problem solving session tonight'

"Stuart21 you are quiet right the NC needs a Train connecting the Casino-Murwillumbah Rail Line to Queensland Rail this would be a win, win, situation.
Unfortunately our Politicians have no foresight in to the future, all they think about is how much it will cost. What ever it cost would eventually pay for itself with a regular hourly timetable getting this through to our Politicians is liking getting blood from a stone.
In 2018 the Gold Coast will be hosting the Commonwealth Games just think of the revenue which would be generated if our Politicians stopped to think and start moving on reinstating the rail line. Rail Line = Jobs, Tourism, Economy and Convenience for Locals. "


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Dear Stuart,
Your vision is wonderful!


Kind Regards, Jillian, Billinudgel 2483.

2013-09-04 13:04:47 +1000

Have just been advised that I have won the "Award for Engineering Excellence" at 2013 World Metro Summit, in Shanghai, for the design of YangMIngShan MRT Line, in Taipei.

Video of the line is at

Designing this line got me thinking about public transport, including North Coast rail - some of the principles I have included in 'QR to Casino'.

2013-08-31 20:59:45 +1000

"Queensland and NSW may as well still be separate countries, for all the good that Federation brought them!"

2013-08-31 20:12:36 +1000

Graeme Henderson says:

"Trains though, great idea, so obvious you have to wonder why it hasn’t been done."

Thanks. If you (all) like the idea, pls fwd to friends, government and candidates, ask them to read / think / sign / forward.

Have not lived in Oz for 30 years, & not been home for 3 years, SO NEED HELP with publicity. And feedback!

With help, from you (all) it can happen!


2013-08-31 20:10:43 +1000

Graeme Henderson says: "
I have just one problem, and that is with your funding from these windfall mining profits.

1. Have windfall mining profits ever existed in the past? They always seem to be in the future.

2. Multinational Corporate Cartels can easily manipulate markets to ensure no windfall profits happen anywhere except in the pockets of the shareholders in whichever tax have they wish to utilize.

Mining profits, what mining profits?

Graeme, I read recently that Australia has had around 90 billion in profit / taxes from the resources boom. I think most of it has gone on unsustainable roads. eg 862 million on St Helena tunnel, similar amount on Banora Point and Chinderah to Yelgun.

Ask the people - would they prefer St Helena tunnel, OR electric trains Casino Lismore Byron Mullum Murwillumbah Gold Coast (inc Int'l Airport) Brisbane (another Int'l Airport)

Cost is about the same.

2013-08-31 13:41:34 +1000

Roma Newton says:

… Perfect solution."

Thank you, Roma. Ideas are very sensitive – & susceptible. Your words will help keep the wind in the sails!

2013-08-31 13:26:09 +1000

Support from Australias #1 rail fan;

"Subject: Re: NSW North Coast Rail
Date: 30 August 2013 5:57:20 AM GMT+07:00
To: [email protected]

Hi Stuart,

It looks good to me and yes the concept is spot on, perhaps done in stages to Byron Bay

then onto Lismore and ultimately Casino.

Best Wishes,

Tim Fischer"

Thank you, Tim.

2013-08-29 12:22:41 +1000

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