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To: Matthew Groom, Minister for the Environment, Tasmania

Bring back the devil: re-wild the Tasmanian Devil on the Australian mainland

Discuss the trial release of a group of Tasmanian Devils in to suitable habitat on the Australian mainland. For the good of the devil, Australian mammals, and ecosystem resilience.

Why is this important?

The small mammal fauna of Australia is being eaten by feral cats and foxes. More than 20 native marsupial species face extinction.
The devil was found on the mainland until 600 years ago and Australia's top ecologists believe its return could help protect our native animals.They have called for an experimental re-introduction of zoo bred, disease-free, devils onto the mainland. .
Meanwhile the devil is threatened with extinction in Tasmania by a deadly facial tumour disease. We have lost over 80% of the wild Tasmanian Devil population to this disease in just ten years.
To lose the devil in Tasmania and more mammal species on the mainland would be morally wrong and a profound loss to all Australians. With one action we could help secure a disease free future for the devil and restore ecological balance to parts of the mainland.
Tasmania Environment Minister Groom does not want this trial release even discussed. We believe, however, that we have a moral obligation to ensure that local politics do not stand in the way of fighting species extinction.
We must act before it is too late. Please register your support and sign up now.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to Tasmania Minister Environment Matthew Groom and the Minister for the Environment, Hon Greg Hunt, expecting support for a facilitated workshop on a trial release.


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