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To: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and all NSW MPs

Stand up to gambling bullies

I’m calling on all MPs in NSW to support a new law that’s being introduced into NSW Parliament in March that will:
1. Honour the request of someone wanting to stop gambling to be denied entry to a gambling venue.
2. Ensure every venue has a marshal who has been trained in advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling.
3. Reject cash payments, so that people can set a cap in advance on what they can afford to spend.

These laws aren't a silver bullet, but if passed they could be the start of a major reform to the gambling industry that will limit their destructive power in NSW for good.

Why is this important?

My name is Anna Bardsley. I'm a retired business woman, mother of five. I am a singer and a writer, a gardener, a grandmother — and I lost ten years of my life to the pokies.

I learnt the hard way that gambling corporations will stop at nothing to extract as much money from people as possible. They ruthlessly prey on vulnerable people, destroying lives, tearing families apart, and harming our communities in the process.

For decades, reforming the gambling industry has been close to impossible. But in March, the NSW Liberal Party is taking the first step by proposing a new law to reduce their harmful powers, and Labor might very well add their support too.

But we need NSW MPs to stand strong against the huge lobbying power of the gambling industry, which will be putting enormous pressure on them to stop or water down this law. That’s why I’m asking you to sign my petition to show our MPs that the community is watching and demands they stand strong against big gambling bullies and vote to pass this law.

*Anna Bardsley won a Victorian Senior of the Year Award for raising awareness of the impacts of gambling. She is a passionate advocate for gambling reform after battling with poker machines for ten years and has helped others as part of her work with the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

New South Wales, Australia

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