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To: Herald Sun

Remove Andrew Bolt!

Remove Andrew Bolt!

Remove Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun for his divisive and potentially dangerous editorial in Saturdays Herald Sun

Why is this important?

We believe that his latest article crossed the line and could potentially encourage anti Muslim vigilantes to seek their own brand of justice against innocent Muslims. We believe this "journalist" to be grossly irresponsible and seek to have him removed from writing editorials at the Herald Sun. Please sign our petition".

Reasons for signing

  • Andrew Bolts articles are extremely one sided and divisive, he sees no one else's point of view except his own narrow vision. Editors will do the public a favour by not publishing his divisive and usually incorrect morally, comments.
  • His report on how Australians need to 'stand up' against cancel culture was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!
  • The man is ignorant. Maybe not dangerous in itself, but he influences a lot of other ignorant people who take his opinions as informed. From his idiotic comment re the bushfires, to George Pell, Prince Andrew, is he still employed? Not a nice person.


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