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To: Federal, state and local government.

Remunerate our volunteer firefighters!

Acknowledge our volunteer firefighters with remuneration on Federal, state and local government levels.

By either, or, and a financial payment, Federal tax cuts, State benefit; e.g free registration, ambulance, school fees etc., Local government; rate cut, free tip fees etc.

Why is this important?

Volunteers fight fires for the benefit of all levels of Government fundamentally. Without volunteers the country, states and municipalities burn equally without prejudice; building, human, beast and flora.

My daughter cried yesterday when she saw the black sky and red sun over the Shoalhaven. At 16 she said "mum, is this what our future is going to look like?"

Then I thought about the volunteers fighting!

Then I thought about the Governments!

Then I started this campaign.

Please volunteer your voice, for volunteers to have a voice and acknowledgement from Governments, to help shift the balance of power for today into the future.

How it will be delivered

Anywhere we can


2019-12-23 11:45:48 +1100

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2019-12-22 18:09:59 +1100

Thanks so much every one. I would like to see the Shoalhaven council become the first proactive local government in Australia to give volunteer fire fighters local consessions for volunteering to help our community. Then it is the State and Federal Government's turn. I also want to see firefighters heard on a Federal level as to how to manage this mess including indigenous groups locally, State and Federal. So let's keep going with this. Share with anyone you can as our Gvt system is BS. Live for now and tomorrow not for the afterlife. That is how we got into this mess. People help people and the environment. Bring back some fun and hope!

2019-12-22 15:51:56 +1100

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2019-12-22 14:23:27 +1100

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2019-12-22 14:18:04 +1100

Tell the Government what you think about our National fire crisis, those who have to fight it (volunteers) and how you feel about it all moving into your future 2020 and beyond.

2019-12-22 13:51:51 +1100

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