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To: The Australian State and Federal Government

Rethink flight restrictions and mandatory paid quarantine for returning Australians

On behalf of returning Australians we are calling on the government to acknowledge the psychological impact of travel restrictions and the heavy financial cost of quarantine that is being unfairly put on our shoulders. We ask for more assisstance from the government to help us return home and be reunited with our loved ones. We fully support the quarantine process and see its benefit, but ask that the cost not be shifted to us as many of us are already stretched beyond our means. Furthermore, we seek a compassionate response from members of government and the media as we undertake the difficult process of returning to the country that we love and feel that duty of care needs to be extended for all Australians both inside and outside Australia or somewhere inbetween.

Why is this important?

A multitude of issues related to the global pandemic have made it difficult and complex for Australians and permanent residents and their families to return to Australia. These difficulties have been further complicated by recent restrictions placed on incoming flights and the State Governments' push to charge Australians for a mandated quarantine period. Each returning Australian's case is different, but many are facing financial, emotional, and mental hardship which is further exacerbated by the Federal and State Governments' restrictions. Furthermore, the rhetoric currently being used by both Government and the media is leading to a growing resentment towards returning Australians within the community. We are Australians who love this country but are disturbed by the recent vilification we have received. Many of us are not merely 'travelers' returning from a vacation at the beach, we are Australians who have been stuck overseas for many reasons, such as work and family commitments. Many not living near internatioinal airports have been unable to access flights home until the recent easing of restrictions in other countries. With those restrictions now lifting it is heartbreaking to have the door of our own country slammed in our faces.


2020-07-25 17:44:44 +1000

5,000 signatures reached

2020-07-18 21:25:12 +1000

Almost 4,000 signatures and we need many more to get the proper attention of the australian government , please share with your friends family colleagues or anyone else . Let’s remind the PM that we are Australians returning home not “ travellers “ or “ holiday makers “ the virus is everywhere and those stuck need assistance to return not priced out of their own country !

2020-07-09 13:47:04 +1000

Hello. Thank you all for signing this petition. We are up to 1125 signatures already and I hope that we can keep growing. The petition has already received attention from ABC and SBS. I have had 2 phone interviews this morning.

I shared my story with them and I am now seeking othes who would also be willing to share their story. I would particularly like to hear from you if you have been 'bumped' from flights, had flights cancelled or have been asked to upgrade your ticket to business class in the last week. We are focussing on the most recent restrictions, but this will still raise awareness of the overall cause.

please send me an email: [email protected]

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1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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