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To: Federal and Tasmanian MP's, investors.

Restore Lake Pedder

Dear Member of Parliament

Please throw your support behind the restoration of Tasmania's Lake Pedder, which was flooded in 1972 for a hydro-electric scheme. Were the lake to be restored there is a tremendous opportunity for investors to create environmentally sensitive facilities in the area which would enable large numbers of tourists to see, in comfort and ease, what was once the most spectacular lake in the world.

Why is this important?

Lake Pedder was the most beautiful and extraordinary lake in the world, with a beach that was 3km long and in summer grew to be up to 600m wide, and rugged mountains all around. The most extraordinary feature of the beach however was its amazing herring bone pattern, giving it the appearance of a gigantic golden comb. Were the lake to be restored, if appropriate tourist facilities were provided there would be the potential for a lot of money flowing into the state, greatly benefiting Tasmania's economy, as Lake Pedder was one of the world's greatest natural wonders.


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The Lake Pedder Restoration Committee has been around for a long time, check out their new website (still in progress) at