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To: Australian Government House Of Representatives

Restore Our Natural Heritage & Biodiversity & Build Disaster Resilience

We the undersigned therefore ask the House to urgently:
1. Take an international leadership role to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss.
2. Fund immediate scientific, ground-truthed Current Status Assessment Reports of Australia’s biodiversity, reserve systems and matters of national environmental significance.
3. Establish an Australian Centre for Ecological Recovery and Restoration.
4. Through COAG:
a. Set out an Envisioning our Future Plan to rapidly lead our country into a more Sustainable Future;
b. Prepare National Security Plans for Biodiversity, Food and Fibre, Energy and Water;
c. Reinvigorate Australia-wide Land Care, Parks Management, Habitat and Wildlife Recovery;
d. Build Australia’s Disaster Management Capabilities:
i) Australian-owned Aircraft and Marine Emergency Equipment and Medical capabilities (human and animal);
ii) Disaster Management Logistics Protocols (humans, infrastructure, biodiversity);
iii) New disaster mitigation methods incorporating indigenous knowledge and ecological science, and using less toxic and more effective fire-retardants than PFAS.
4.5 Fund Australia-wide Disaster Management Training and Community Resilience Programs.

Why is this important?

This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House:
Climate change is causing increasingly rapid changes in forest ecologies, water supplies, agricultural systems, extending fire seasons. Bushfires are destroying biological diversity and natural environments relied upon by all Australians. Urgent national action is needed under the EPBC Act to prevent destruction of Australia’s natural heritage and recover and restore biodiversity and natural environments.

How it will be delivered

Electronic Signatures will be lodged automatically on 5th March 2020

Paper Petitions must be posted by 28th February 2020 to PO Box 144 MIRBOO NORTH Vic 3871



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