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To: Newcastle City Council

Return Community & Residents Rights - Stop Supercar Racing Blights

Campaign created by
Newcastle Residents

We call on Newcastle City Council to relocate the V8 Supercar Race to a more appropriate and compatible location, away from residential and heritage streets.
We call on NCC to return the peninsula to public service so that all Newcastle residents have unfettered enjoyment and use of the iconic Foreshore and Heritage Conservation area.

Why is this important?

V8 car racing outside residential homes is unsafe and unacceptable.

The Supercar "Noise Management Plan" recommends residents living on the racetrack "Keep doors and windows closed; seal cracks, doors and window frames using commercial or make shift products. Basic protection measures may include: adhesive sealing strips for door frames and windows , temporary vent seals, under door strip seals/draught stoppers, fill cracks using commercial foam fillers or silicon; remain in back rooms; use hearing protection; leave property during some or all of the race period". Many residents living on the racetrack have no air-conditioning, and cannot afford to go away for the race period. They are faced with living in the above conditions for 3 x 10 hour days. Please note there are at least
3 ladies in the area that are pregnant, one of whom is expecting her baby to born the event weekend.

The Heritage Conservation Areas of Newcastle and Newcastle East is wholly unsuitable for V8 Super Car street racing. The race preparations have seriously degraded residential amenity, homes are being damaged and convict hewn sandstone blocks are being sawn up for the benefit of the layout of the Supercars race track.

Businesses are suffering some have closed and one successful business has already lost $70000 in takings. To add insult to injury hospitality is being outsourced to Brisbane or Sydney Supercars suppliers.

The race will impact negatively on historic houses, buildings, public parks and the inhabitants on, and within, the racetrack. It will impede access to three aged care complexes located within the proposed racing area. There are over 4000 people residing in this predominantly residential area. NCC are unable to guarantee that sound levels are safe for all residents and that there will be no delay in response times to emergency and medical service.

Preparations have resulted in reduced public safety and access to major tourist sites including Newcastle Foreshore Park, Horseshoe Beach, The Convict Lumber Yard, The Cowrie Hole, The Soldiers Baths, Nobbys Breakwall, Bathers Way, Newcastle Baths, Fort Scratchley, the Canoe Pool, and Nobbys and Newcastle Beaches. This will also be the case during the event.

This race affects every user of the iconic East End in the lead up to and at the beginning of the peak holiday season. Our beautiful peninsula will be scaffolded and barricaded for three months each year and visitors will be discouraged from coming.

The vast majority of people would detest having a 3 day car racing event on their street, or in their suburb. Please consider what residents and the wider community have been living through in preparation for, and during, 3 x 10 hour days of this car racing event. Residents are being asked to provide their private details, to a consortium, in order to be "accredited" to enter their own homes. Many residents will also be forced to walk through a concrete and wire structure, less than 1 metre from V8's racing, for over 200 metres just to get to a pedestrian bridge to get out of their home and away from this event. For residents with disabilities or mobility difficulties there is only one entry and exit, with only one lift to help over a thousand people.

Supercars refuse to reveal the Sound Report and to add more insult to injury Destination NSW have given no conditions for which Supercars should comply to.

We are trapped by this appallling legislation and we will be soon be trapped by an enclosure, and racing cars, circling our homes and suburb.

This is an Act that:
1. suspends the operation of other Acts protecting safety and the environment before, during and after the proposed event;
2. permits the event to be conducted on public land eventhough it would not be otherwise permitted under those other Acts;
3. permits the event to be operated by a private entity without charge and with the aim of making a profit for the private entity;
4. requires oversight of the event by a government agency, but with no right for any other person to legally challenge the competency or quality of that oversight;
5. severely restricts the actions of any other person in and around the public land where the event is being conducted;
6. prevents any other person suffering financial loss as a result of the event from claiming compensation from the private entity or the government agencies permitting the event; and
7. removes oversight of reinstatement of the public space after the event from the local Council and hands it to Destinations NSW, a government department that only has accountability for tourism.

If you're interested in knowing more about the comparison of this track location in relation to other s'cars tracks in Australia head to this website

This video shows some of the destruction caused in preparation for this intrusive and dangerous event.

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