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To: The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP

Royal Commission into Mental Health must not include McGorry

To the Premier of Victoria The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP,
It’s no mystery to Victims of Psychiatrists that the system is violently and cruelly abusing people, and pouring more money into it, will only make more Victims of Psychiatrists, as has been happening for decades. Victims of Psychiatrists, want that exposed, that legislated abuse. We want the corruption, the exploitation and the vile forced human experimentation racket to stop. It is our voice, the voice of Victims of Psychiatrists that needs to be heard, not though the filtered advice of Patrick McGorry, a psychiatrist, who does not represent Victims of Psychiatrists, rather represents psychiatrists, those who perpetrate against us.

We ask that no psychiatrist be included in an advisory position or chairing position, as this perverts the course of justice and reason for a Royal Commission into the corruption and abuses of the Victorian Mental Health System and denigrates the highest form of inquiry on matters of public importance.

Why is this important?

Deaths and maiming through forced and coerced Mental Health treatments must be counted, and the horror of these legislated abuses fully exposed to the Australian people:
1. If someone dies of a cardiac arrest after years of being forced on a neuroleptic, then the death must be marked up as a cardiac arrest potentially caused by the neuroleptic forced. And so forth, for every death – including suicide potentially induced by forced – coerced psychiatric drugs.
2. We want the maiming of our bodies to be counted. So for every person that attempts suicide due to the horrible effects of neuroleptics or other psychiatric drugs and procedures and injures themselves, everyone who gets a cardio condition, an allergy, diabetes… all the things listed on the drug’s website, that these psychiatric drugs that are forced on people are known to cause.
3. We want a count of how many people were put on forced orders in a year.
4. We want a count of how many people were utilised as data in human research as ‘emergency research’ without their knowledge, and through coercive means, due to the Mental Health legislation in Victoria.
5. We want to know how many people were threatened with forced psychiatry, if they did not undergo another kind of medical procedure, or treatment.
6. We want to know how many people were broken under torture of isolation, arbitrary detention, high dose drugs, mechanical holds, and other procedures, into obedience with the treating psychiatrist, and how many were verbally told, that they need to agree to treatment, and agree to the psychiatric label given if they are to be let free from arbitrary detention or mechanical ties, or have the dose of the drug lowered.
7. We want to know how many people have been suffering an emergency medical condition, that was ignored, and turned into a Mental Health issue. How many of those people have been maimed or killed due to not being listened to, and denied the access to assistance they need, and having their condition worsened by toxic psychiatric drugs, and damaging procedures, as well as the dehumanisation of forced psychiatry.
8. We want to know how many people were trying to speak out against the effects of electrical pollution, that were subjected to forced psychiatry.
9. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against chemicals in their environment or food, that were subjected to forced psychiatry.
10. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against organised crime, when they were subjected to forced psychiatry.
11. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against violence that they experienced, or were currently experiencing, and attempting to do so got them subjected to forced psychiatry.
12. How many compulsory patients were physically assaulted in a psychiatric ward, and how often.
13. How many people subjected to mental health treatments were subjected to lewd comments, racism, sexism, or had their spiritual, cultural, or individual beliefs vilified by staff members.
14. How many people subjected to forced psychiatry would consider themselves to be socially disenfranchised, financially disenfranchised, an oppressed people, and considered their diagnosis by psychiatrists to be discriminatory.


2019-08-16 10:59:05 +1000

CRPD Pre-Sessional Working Group of the Committee
on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Submitted by - Ms Initially No
& Ms Fiona Smith

2019-07-30 21:40:15 +1000

Protest at Vic Parliament today. Thanks to the people that got there!

2019-07-10 21:56:47 +1000

The Hearings are happening, there's no one representing victims of psychiatrists. Those who need to be asked tough questions & exposed are just being allowed to propagate lies, that the public may not easily understand for what it is.This Royal Commission was wanted by victims of psychiatrists, so that forced psychiatry could be abolished, that is still not happening.
Thank you for everyone who attended the June protest at Parliament Steps. Intention is to rally again on July 30th.

2019-05-21 19:23:10 +1000

Thank you to everyone who was at the Speak Out on Parliament Steps today, giving your voice to those who really need to know, that we will not go quietly, we will not allow the truth of these bloody psychiatrists' violations to be covered up in the Royal Commission into this systemic violence inflicted through Mental Health legislation. We will not stand for a corruption of Australia's highest form of inquiry and demand McGorry & Cockram resign, due to their very obvious conflicts of interest.

2019-05-10 15:13:06 +1000

Next Rally at Vic Parliament Steps, 21st May 11am - 1pm for a Royal Commission without McGorry.
In the meantime, if you feel you want to be heard worldwide, about the violations you experience with psychiatrists forcing/ coercing neuroleptics into your body - then there's this survey:

2019-05-05 17:12:14 +1000

Closing date of e-petition 96 extended to 2019-05-23, due to changes in sitting dates. Please use this time to get the signatures we need & government legislative council member a #RoyalCommission without conflicts of interest!

2019-04-27 23:24:16 +1000

Commentary on the Vic Royal Commission into MH Questionnaire and it's offensive questions

2019-04-27 23:16:35 +1000

Reminder that there's a speak out rally at Parliament steps this Tues April 30th, 11am

2019-04-26 21:34:09 +1000

Forced Treatment needs to be abolished

2019-04-18 09:40:44 +1000

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System write Formal submissions - open until 5 July 2019.

2019-04-11 12:40:01 +1000

Has anyone tried to argue that they're vegan or have cultural diet requirements to stop forced psychiatric drugs? Or did the psychiatrist inject you, threaten you, and not listen to your pleas? Just another way that psychiatrists abolish the identity of victims of psychiatrists, forcing into their body what they do not want, do not need and makes them suffer horribly.
Post a comment if you wish

2019-04-08 10:22:39 +1000

Australian Productivity Commission
Mental Health inquiry
by Ms Initially NO
not yet appearing on the government #viewsubmissions page
But can view here

2019-04-07 20:10:23 +1000

Forced human research of the diabolically intrusive cruel kind, that is Mental Health, that is a government sanctioned forced human research, that kills and maims so many returns 23 to 26 per cent on investment! What obscene profits from our flesh!

2019-04-02 20:55:06 +1100

'Submissions may range from a short letter outlining your views on a particular topic to a much more substantial document covering a range of issues. Where possible, you should provide evidence, such as relevant data and documentation, to support your views.'

2019-04-02 20:08:39 +1100

Protest today Parliament, then moved to State Library 11am - 2pm.
Thanks to all the people there making it happen for the public to start to understand what is being done in the guise of benevolence, is torture, and that torture that is state sanctioned really has to be exposed and stopped.

2019-04-01 23:05:47 +1100

Murdered by psychiatrists and those who allow the Government to sanction vile cruel forced psychiatry!

2019-03-29 21:48:14 +1100

The People of OccupyAPA

2019-03-29 21:02:55 +1100

'Mental Health was formed after the word Mental Hygiene became less popular, for the purpose of marketing reasons. It is Eugenics in disguise.'

2019-03-28 11:00:53 +1100

Separate to this e-petition, there's a Federal Petition up, worth signing, I have, no official gov e-petition yet on it though - Federal Minister for Health: A Royal Commission into psychiatric drug companies and the Ministry of Health & TGA. - Sign the Petition

2019-03-26 16:44:05 +1100

What best describes your interest in the Royal Commission?
Other: Victim of Psychiatrists' vile cruel forced drugging, procedures & commitment

2019-03-26 15:57:18 +1100

*Register now for upcoming consultation sessions*
visiting communities throughout Victoria to hear about people’s experiences with - vicious DSM slurs & other bloody state sanctioned dehumanisation, exploitation, particularly bloody psychiatrists' violations. Register your interest to attend one of our upcoming sessions. (and if they are just wanting identification with their vicious DSM slurs then that's not okay to deny us Victims of Psychiatrists)

2019-03-22 14:38:40 +1100

Open Letter to WPA

2019-03-22 14:36:14 +1100

*Auditor General’s Report*
First of all suggest editing the pdf –
Find ‘Mental illness & replace with ‘vicious slurs’
Find ‘Mental Health’ & replace with ‘forced human research racket’ (or FHR racket, for short)
& you will get more clarity in the document and less agitation from the offensive jargon that's currently used to violate 72 859 Victorians, by force (or coercion through threat of force under the VMHA2014).

2019-03-20 22:26:23 +1100

The vile crimes against Garth Daniels, perpetrated by Victorian psychiatrists still need to be investigated, as part of the Royal Commission into Mental Health.

2019-03-20 00:22:45 +1100

Turncoat profiting from promoting for whitecoats

2019-03-20 00:16:52 +1100

What is a Royal Commission into Mental Health meant to do?

2019-03-20 00:06:04 +1100

Turncoat says consume or be shot dead

2019-03-20 00:01:03 +1100

What is a Royal Commission into Mental Health supposed to do?

2019-03-19 12:36:24 +1100

Victim of Psychiatrists says, 'I'm outright tired of having to go in for injections of palyperidone every month. I've been treated for 10 years now, i'm 29, and i don't know how much longer i can take this crap. I...'

2019-03-19 10:32:24 +1100

'Eight days before he died, his psychiatrist prescribed two new drugs that worsened his insomnia, increased his anxiety, and led to paranoia. He was told he would need medication for the rest of his life. Devastated, Ben feared he would never have a normal life. He told his sister it was “game over.”' -

2019-03-17 14:34:07 +1100

What controls or restrictions on damaging or experimental procedures is there in psychiatric hospitals today?

2019-03-17 14:32:28 +1100

Is there financial concern that if governments stop legislating forced psychiatry (that allows for the exploitation of the population forcibly for vile, cruel human research) that the economy will have no pharmaceutical company money to float on?

2019-03-17 14:31:39 +1100

Why isn't Victoria's Royal Commission into Mental Health focusing on victims of psychiatrists who have been killed and maimed due to legislated forced psychiatry?

2019-03-17 13:43:27 +1100

'Julie was raped by a male patient in a communal lounge [St.Vincents psychward]. That attack came just days after she had been physically assaulted by another patient at the same facility.' It was an assault, yet no police were called. Julie is no longer alive, because of the violations of the Mental Health System, because they denied equal recognition, as a human-being, and equal recognition before the law.

2019-03-14 13:04:43 +1100

Psychiatrists' hide data, even when it is very obvious that forced psychiatry maims and kills. You have to read the studies very carefully, not just the summaries and the journalist quotes from promoters of psychiatrists' drugs and procedures. Psychiatrists oust their critics and so do politicians, which is why victims of psychiatrists are not being allowed a fora to be heard, with a supportive chair, who will recognise our need to abolish forced psychiatry and move towards other reparations.

2019-03-14 11:35:04 +1100

Nothing about us without us. There is another petition by people with lived-experience of forced & coerced psychiatry asking for a person with lived-experience of forced/ coerced psychiatry, to be given a position on the Royal Commission into Mental Health. All courage to them to join with us and demand that VOP & allies be heard. As long as the position isn't give to a turncoat, we should be able to get psychiatrists' bloody violations exposed! (unfortunately they haven't yet put an official government e-petition online yet)

2019-03-13 21:49:20 +1100

Victims of Psychiatrists are '...raped and assaulted while receiving care, forced to urinate in ward gardens, and are spending days chemically sedated or shackled in emergency departments while waiting for a bed...' in Victoria as well as WA. That means VOP need to be free from this vile, cruel forced medicine. It is neither care, nor medicine, it is forced human research of a vile cruel destructive, though lucrative kind. They are treated even worse on the psychward, than they are in emergency. That's what the article doesn't tell of.

2019-03-13 20:21:46 +1100

Association of Antipsychotic Treatment With Risk of Unexpected Death Among Children and Youths - no one deserves to be subjected to the torturous effects of these psychdrugs

2019-03-11 20:24:02 +1100

'SSRIs and the “anti-psychotic” drugs are usually tested in human trials for only a couple of months before being granted marketing approval' and usually those human trials are done under the coersive-control regime of forced psychiatry. ie the only way to get a psychiatrist to taper the person they're victimising, off a depot is for the VOP to agree to trial a newer drug.

2019-03-09 22:00:49 +1100

500 signatures reached

2019-03-07 18:13:53 +1100

We are not alone. How long do a group of people tortured by government in Australia (and other corrupt governments that exploit people so horribly, such as Canada) have to fight, before the vile, cruel forced human experimentation that is forced psychiatry is stopped?

2019-03-07 18:05:11 +1100

Psychiatrists murder when they force drugs. 'Asphyxia is one of the most serious types of antipsychotic-induced extrapyramidal symptoms.'
RIP Mel Starkman.

2019-03-05 21:43:26 +1100

When is the Victorian Government going to stop violating people by force. Forced human experimentation is NOT okay, no matter whether propaganda calls it 'care' or 'help', it is still vile cruel torture, it is still killing and maiming. Doesn't matter how it is dressed up, doesn't matter that the vile, cruel human researcher has been given an Order of Australia, the truth matters, what victims of psychiatrists & our allies say matters, because we ARE the experts. We need to have a prominent say in the Royal Commission.

2019-03-05 20:55:44 +1100

Thank you for everyone that was at Parliament steps today to demand a Vic Royal Commission that is not corrupted by psychiatrists & those paid by pharma and our corrupt government that inflicts such horrendous cruelties on the population, where the horror of what is happening under the Victorian Mental Health Act is recognised and forced psychiatry abolished. All our strength to the Daniels family who took Eastern Health to the Supreme Court of Victoria in 2016 in attempt to stop the ECT that Garth was being subjected to, and at the same time putting up a fight for all victims of psychiatrists.

2019-03-03 18:31:21 +1100

Reminder that we also have an official Victorian Government e-petition to sign, so that our demands can be put forth in parliament (as Vic Gov does not accept anything other than their official petitions). So please do sign it if you live in Victoria and are registered to vote here:

2019-03-03 18:12:01 +1100

Reminder of March 5th demo in Melbourne from 11 am details here -

2019-03-02 11:41:48 +1100

Victorian Government letter for the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into Mental Health is both offensive and makes a farce of Australia's highest inquiry into public conduct and it needs rewriting from the perspective of victims of psychiatrists & allies

2019-02-27 16:38:18 +1100

The appointment of Dr Alex Cockram as a commissioner is a direct conflict of interest to the Royal Commission into the Mental Health System. Cockram is on the payroll, and a suspect perpetrator of violations against victims. Dr Alex Cockram cannot be defined as independent

2019-02-27 16:30:54 +1100

Psychiatrist Richard Ball covering-up for pedophile. Psychiatrists really need to be investigated not appointed in positions of power to subvert, silence and perpetrate against victims of crime -

2019-02-21 20:37:51 +1100

Psychiatry is a fraud. Victim of psychiatrists will tell you why, they know psychiatrists better than psychiatrists will admit they know what they do, on purpose to the people they violate -

2019-02-21 18:33:43 +1100

While there is forced psychiatry, people will continue to be coerced to take substances like Zoloft and suicide because of the effects. While Patrick McGorry is allowed to be chairing an advisory committee to the Royal Commission into Mental Health, there will be no changes in the violations under this abhorrent Mental Health legislation, or in the criminal psychiatric practices currently so widespread and given legal loopholes in Victoria, to exist.

2019-02-20 18:04:57 +1100

We cannot let the people who turn their lives around and become allies to victims of psychiatrists to be pushed into the ground by the perpetrators of vile cruel forced human research. Thank you Peter C. Gøtzsche for your support in abolishing forced psychiatry.

2019-02-14 17:34:09 +1100

*Psychiatric medications increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance*. How dare the Victorian Government cause diabetes by forcing/ coercing psychiatric drugs on over 100,000 Victorians, so they can then do diabetes human research on the person!

2019-02-12 13:10:32 +1100

The biggest cause of akathisia is high-strength, first-generation neuroleptic medications, that are forced on Victorians. The next biggest at-risk group for the condition is patients taking neuroleptic drugs. These are more modern antipsychotics like Abilify, Clozaril, Seroquel, or Geodon - that are forced on Victorians.
#RoyalCommission into bloody #PsychiatristsViolations and the #UnethicalLegislation that is the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014

2019-02-11 19:21:22 +1100

Reparations must include places for people to cease the vile, cruel chemicals they were forced to take.

2019-02-10 20:43:45 +1100

“absolutely horrendous six weeks of debilitating brain zaps, eye twitches, nausea, the shakes, gut problems and so much more”... caused by psychiatric practices. #RoyalCommission into #Bloody #PsychiatristsViolations

2019-02-05 20:18:56 +1100

Thank you passionate thinking caring people who was there today, and everyone that was in the street that was thoughtful enough to recognise what we were saying, the truth of violations happening through the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014. We need more politicians on our side. We need more people speaking out against this vile corruption. We need more signatures. Keep it going.

2019-02-05 19:05:23 +1100

In Melbourne today, demanding a Royal Commission into the vile, cruel forced human experimentation racket perpetrated under the Mental Health Act, to not be an inquiry corrupted by psychiatrists. Thank you to everyone who was there. Let's keep this happening -

2019-02-05 09:07:14 +1100

Small group of us in Melbourne today to give awareness to the public State Library 11am -1pm

2019-02-03 19:00:52 +1100

Conversion by a mental health worker to force a person to believe a falsehood, is not *therapy* it is brainwashing. Win that Victoria's Premier has declared ‘conversion therapy is against the law – once and for all.’ But that needs to encompass all forms of coersive-control under Mental Health legislation, especially forced psychiatry that attempts to break a person under physical torture, into agreement with the idea that forced drugs, arbitrary detention and other vile, cruel psychiatrists' procedures are in any way healthy or helpful.

2019-02-03 18:40:32 +1100

By 2008 Australia had signed the UN CRPD, by 2013 Australia had ratified it - when will Australia implement the abolition of forced mental health treatments and prosecute perpetrating psychiatrists rather than paying them to torture people, and paying them to propagate lies that vile, cruel forced human research is 'care' and 'help' and 'medicine.' Only after Victoria, the place with the most forced psychiatry in the world per capita, abolishes forced psychiatry.

2019-02-03 14:11:11 +1100

The Chemical Imbalance in the brain theory still used by psychiatrists, even though their own organisations have admitted it was just a pharma marketing scam and there was no validity in the theory whatsoever. A theory that is used to violate the rights of so many people.

2019-02-03 10:00:31 +1100

In 2011: 'The inquiry follows the high rates of unexpected and unnatural deaths in the state’s mental health wards, and raising serious questions about standards of care and allegations of cover-ups.'
In 2016: Hundreds of patients forced to have ECT in Victoria without legal representation
2018: Victorian coroner has called for the guidelines around electroconvulsive therapy to be reviewed, after ruling that the Melbourne grandfather died a preventable death.
Orders for forced 'shock therapy' breached human rights people labelled by psychiatrists with the vicious slur 'schizophrenia', court rules

2019-02-02 14:51:20 +1100

How many times do you need to ask the question:
How many young people have recently been killed/ maimed in clozapine experiments? How can this be investigated when the chair of the advisory committee to the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health has received funding to do these experiments?

Keep asking until we know the victims that have been maimed by these experiments get to be heard, and the victims that are dead are counted and their family and friends know the truth and their grief is heard. Keep asking until there is no psychiatrist allowed in the Vic MH Royal Commission.

2019-02-02 14:46:30 +1100

Ask the questions: McGorry et al crying poor, when they are paid more every year than anyone else in Australia, via the tax payer, IN YOUR NAME. The people they exploit in vile, cruel experiments, said to be a 'social necessity'! These psychiatrists will never be satisfied. They get give $67 million and they want $35 million more through our tax dollar. Psychiatrists are making money out of human flesh in a vile cruel way! They will never have enough specimens or money to satisfy their perverted destructive human research scams

2019-02-02 14:39:12 +1100

How many biological theories have psychiatrists put forth that are false? The chemical imbalance theory for a start (what is ridiculous is that psychiatrists are still trying to peddle their wares using that one.) What theory have psychiatrists put forth that was actually true? I cannot think of any! How dare these torturers claim so many lives, maim so many people and get paid by the government, IN OUR NAME to exploit people forcibly in a most vile, cruel fashion and call that care.

2019-02-02 14:33:48 +1100

Ask the questions: why do you think suicide increases when more and more young people are put on drugs, in a system of forced mental health treatments, that threatens parents with vicious labels etc if they don't comply with drugging their children? Why are SSRIs banned for youth in the UK? Have a look at the effects of these drugs on the drugs website! One of the effects is suicide! What made the drug companies forced to put that on their disclaimer?

2019-02-02 14:28:29 +1100

Ask the questions: Why are victims of psychiatrists continually having their opinion denied validity, while the perpetrators of violence against them are given so many platforms to speak, so many billions of dollars handed to them to advertise their vile, cruel forced human experimentation racket? Stop the denial that victims of psychiatrists exist, stop shutting them up and shutting them down, stop thinking that the psychiatrists' propaganda is what the victims of psychiatrists want. That's ridiculous to think that a person actually wants brain-damage, the a person wants to be arbitrarily detained and disabled by neuroleptics! Look at how much psychiatrists profit from the use of their victims' flesh!

2019-02-02 14:23:12 +1100

Ask the questions:
How long does it take for a society to be ashamed of those who have maimed and murdered for profit and yet received awards from their government?

2019-02-02 14:20:41 +1100

Ask the questions: What has McGorry done to address the misogyny of psychiatrists in Victoria, that discriminate against women and girls, that medicalise them more because of their sex and endowed social expectations of patriarchy for means of control? Women and girls who are victims of psychiatrists need to be heard over and above an old Caucasian that has a vested interest in keeping women oppressed and exploited -

2019-02-02 14:14:13 +1100

Ask the questions: What has McGorry done to speak out against the vile, cruel brain-damaging ECT machines his colleagues forced on 700 Victorians last year? Victims of Psychiatrists need to be heard over and above him! They are the people with the real understanding and must be give more authority in this inquiry

2019-02-01 23:15:21 +1100

In Victoria less than 10% of people get Legal Aid, who are subjected to forced electro-shock and other vile cruel abuses under the Mental Health Act. What is being said at this UK protest in 2014, is what is happening in Victoria in 2019.

2019-01-27 21:44:11 +1100

What do we want?
1. Arbitrary detention and perversion of medicine by the mental health system must stop.
2. Less than 10% of victims of VMHA can get Legal Aid is really not fair,or in any way just or reasonable.
3. Emergency research conducted on people attempting to speak out against psychiatrists must stop. No one deserves to be a human laboratory specimen
Why are these important issues not listed? Because the RC is rigged to bring in more human specimens for the whitecoats to do their cruel demeaning experiments on.
Last hours to send your demands -

2019-01-22 11:34:19 +1100

Clozaril:A Silent Killer
McGorry et al - doing this evil. Just 2 of many vile cruel human research studies by McGorry using the deadly Clozapine.
- 2007. Monitoring the safe use of clozapine: a consensus view from Victoria, Australia. Central Nervous System Drugs 21(2):117-27
- Clozapine and CBT for first-episode psychosis with enduring positive
symptoms: a pilot study. Schizophrenia Research and Treatment (submitted 02.06.10)
(Source: McGorry's CV).

2019-01-20 17:19:05 +1100

100 signatures reached

2019-01-19 22:44:30 +1100

No one deserves to have to suffer the torture of neuroleptics. What a messed up society that allows for the state endorsed torture of children with drugs that do brain-damage and are so horribly painful, and include suicide as a 'side-effect'.

2019-01-19 22:31:25 +1100

What right do psychiatrists have to cause near death to a young girl? Every right under the Victoria's Mental Health Act, with every prejudice that this misogynist male dominated power-structure is given.

2019-01-19 22:10:24 +1100

Australian victims of Insulin Coma Shock received no compensation, nor was there any meaningful apology for this vile, cruel abuse of mostly teenage girls -

2019-01-19 22:06:14 +1100

Haldol is forced on thousands of people and even though it causes Tardive Dyskinesia, the victims of psychiatrists keep being forced to take it. It's horrible. Psychiatry needs to be curtailed, they should never be allowed to use force on people to subject them to these horrible effects.

2019-01-15 21:40:55 +1100

'The number of “disability adjusted life years” for mental disorders, for example, increased by 37 per cent between 1990 and 2010, and depression now outstrips musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions as the prime cause of non-fatal disability in Australia...Since 2006, when the Better Access initiative commenced and Headspace began operating, the national suicide rate has actually increased, particularly among young people. A 2016 report by Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, found that youth suicide was the highest it had been for ten years' because of the diabolical human research inflicted on people against their will.

2019-01-15 18:41:39 +1100

A resume of vile cruel human research, committed in a system of force. How can such a person, that does such horrific violations, be part of an investigation into such violent offences as: Comparison of the Combination of Olanzapine and Lithium and the Combination of Chlorpromazing and Lithium human experiments.

2019-01-15 17:16:54 +1100

'"Insight" is term that is misused by psychiatrists in Australia and around the world. It is taken to mean refusal to agree with a mental illness label, however misconstrued the label is.'

2019-01-15 16:04:17 +1100

Discrimination against belief is a very oppressive element of forced Mental Health in Victoria and other states in Australia

2019-01-14 18:47:24 +1100

Victims of psychiatrists need to have a Royal Commission into the Mental Health System, that isn't perverted by the vested interests of human researchers, such as McGorry. Saying 'I do not consent' should be enough to stop them forcibly injecting toxins into a person's body.

2019-01-14 17:30:47 +1100

Reminder that if you live in Victoria to please sign the government e-petition 96: No psychiatrists in a Mental Health Royal Commission .
'E-petitions for presentation to the Council are hosted on the Parliament of Victoria website and are subject to the terms and conditions of use. Online petitions hosted on sites such as cannot be accepted.'

2019-01-14 16:26:40 +1100

The Victorian Government should have NO right to procure people by force as test subjects for their research projects. When are the people of Victoria going to rise up and say on mass - abolish forced psychiatry - and get this mental health system investigated enough to uncover what is an horrendously vile cruel way of exploiting people, for $.

2019-01-14 13:12:43 +1100

The suicide rate has been rising in Australia, as it has in the USA, occurring at the same time as increasing numbers of people are being used by psychiatrists for human research by force and coercion in a system of force, in increasing numbers.

2019-01-13 12:10:14 +1100

700 people underwent forced Electro-Convulsive Torture in Victoria last year.

2019-01-10 21:48:47 +1100

Patients being killed by psychiatric drugs. Do you know how many were killed in Victoria last year by psychiatric drugs?

2019-01-10 17:46:43 +1100

Victims of psychiatrists have to put up with too much ignorance and denial of forced psychiatry. The term 'consumers' is part of that denial that 10,000 forced psychiatric orders were issued last year, in Victoria, in the civil system, FORCED to go into a public hospital, forcibly drugged and subjected to other torturous procedures.

2019-01-10 17:34:58 +1100

How is it that psychiatrists get away with causing obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis, (their drugs are well-known to cause) and don’t ever serve jail time for causing damage to the people they forced drugs into?

2019-01-10 13:36:53 +1100

Psychiatrists in Victoria have never been subjected to any kind of thorough legal scrutiny, and victims of psychiatrists are systematically silenced. Where are Victoria’s whistle-blowing MDs? Are they all still sucking up to the so-called elite ‘scientists’ that do forced human experimentation of a vile, cruel nature and call that ‘care’?

2019-01-06 12:15:46 +1100

People are petrified into silence, not only in Australia.

2019-01-05 20:10:11 +1100

All these young people forced into self-monitoring on psychiatrists’ terms, for psychiatrists' profit when they should be thinking about their career, studies and love life! Why? Because of psychiatrists like McGorry, who don’t allow them to exist, be human, instead coercing parents into handing over their teens for human research the minute they start to rebel, get emotional, or express independent ideas. How horrible. Stop forced psychiatry.

2019-01-05 19:20:05 +1100

psychiatrists say their victims need to find 'the right drug'. Don't spout their nonsense. You know this toxic rot sucks the life out of you. Don’t try to justify neuroleptics they're all horrible. They don't work for anyone. They take a youthful life and turn their livlihood into a drug testing pit for the profit of human researchers like McGorry.

2019-01-05 18:40:10 +1100

I was forced to take Zyprexa, it was horrible. It is still forced on Victorians. All psychdrugs are horrible. We need to stop forced psychiatry, by changing government legislation. If even an inquiry into the mental health system becomes about what psychiatrists want, then the assaults by mental health staff, abuse, neglect, murders, maiming, corruption and exploitation are covered-up rather than revealed for public scrutiny

2019-01-05 15:28:14 +1100

Mary: a survivor of ECT and decades of psychiatric drugging

2019-01-05 10:22:51 +1100

2019-01-04 23:37:21 +1100

How many people in Victoria are forced to pull down their pants and submit to this vile, cruel human experimentation under threat of being detained? Where is freedom of belief? Why is personal autonomy being take by the state?

2019-01-04 23:16:18 +1100

Psychiatrists cannot understand poets and artists, why are they allowed to have judgement over another's career-focus? Why are they allowed to destroy a person's life? Why are they allowed to murder people like this? Why does the population let this happen?

2019-01-04 22:52:59 +1100

Victoria, is the worst place in the world per capita, in the breaching of human rights through forced psychiatry. Victorians have no means to stop being murdered and maimed while the state still legislates and profits from human research involved in the invasive, cruel forced mental health treatments.

2019-01-04 22:46:10 +1100

Victims of Psychiatrists have a voice, and that voice should be respected when they refuse to submit to a life of a serving psychiatrists as a laboratory specimen

2019-01-04 17:45:42 +1100

Less than 10% of people subjected to forced psychdrugs, that all have devastating effects, are able to get Legal Aid in Victoria. And how much can be legally done given Legal Aid is funded by the government that is perpetrating against victims of psychiatrists? These violations are horrific. Stop this systematic state violence, this killing and maiming. Risperidol is regularly FORCED on people in Victoria.

2019-01-04 16:54:10 +1100

Teenager’s condition leading to death caused by antipsychotic drugs – inquest
80,000 people die per year in Australia from psychiatric drugs.

2019-01-04 16:37:53 +1100

How could society allow psychiatrists to cause such harm to people by forced neuroleptics, then attempt to 'treat' it with other drugs and procedures and then profit from this research? No one deserves to be a human laboratory specimen. Nothing justifies the state of Victoria doing this by force to an ever increasing number of citizens. Victims of psychiatrists are not voiceless, but threatened, violated and silenced by this perversion of medicine that is the Victorian Mental Health System.

2019-01-04 16:12:07 +1100

Your human rights were violated by psychiatrists, they wrecked your body, your career. And they haven't stopped doing this to other people. And you’re expected to continue to be okay with that? No, forced human experimentation with devastating effects – you’re not meant to be okay with that, it’s no accident, forced neuroleptics are a violation. Come on Royal Commission – hear the outrage suppressed by Mental Health Workers who perpetrate against their victims. We don't and should never be expected to be compliant and submissive to those who abuse us! Our government must stop protecting and supporting the violence of forced mental health.

2019-01-04 15:26:25 +1100

When the Melbourne Health Ethics Committee approves trials as scientifically valid and ethically appropriate under NHRMC Guidelines, when harm done includes sudden weight gain and diabetes to vulnerable members of the community traditionally and currently targeted for human research – there needs to be an independent MH Royal Commission, not one influenced by an executive director of a human research company, Orygen, such as Patrick McGorry is.

2019-01-01 17:29:29 +1100

This is what is done to people through Victoria's Mental Health Act 2014, by forced injection. The state of Victoria profiting from this shameful, ugly, cruel lucrative forced human research. Citizens of Victoria need to hear the truth from victims of the mental health system, they need to know what is being done in their name.

2019-01-01 16:20:55 +1100

Do psychiatrists ever consider that their fumes are toxic? No, they force people to sit in a room with their colognes and perfumes and label a person if they attempt to speak out against this

2019-01-01 15:15:05 +1100

Orygen/ McGorry Human Research profits in a system of forced mental health invasive cruel experimentation
• Clinical Translational Neuroscience studies
• Categorising youth diversity as diseases to be forcibly treated
• Targeting youthful imagination & creativity with neurotoxins and intrusive monitoring
• Indoctrination into mental health terminology and compliance with violating psychiatrists
• Making youth fear emotions & human expression
• Pathologising visionary, verbal, novel, and poetic creativity
• Neurobiology and Neuro intrusion
• E-monitoring
• Making personality a disorder
• Inducing suicide via pharma toxins, and denial of chemical & wifi pollution
• Causing trauma
• Derogatory labels based on disenfranchisement and oppressive legislation
• Targeting youth for human research

2019-01-01 14:33:45 +1100

Whitely slams Patrick McGorry for disease mongering but doesn't quite understand the violence of forced psychiatry.

2019-01-01 14:26:56 +1100

Invasive, cruel, forced human research on youth. no consent: Fluoxetine for the treatment of repetitive behaviours in children and adolescents with autism: A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial. ACTRN12608000173392
common effects:
Hives, itching, or skin rash
inability to sit still

2019-01-01 14:02:31 +1100

mcgorrying via Orygen
consent? nup. The child has no choice.
parental/ guardian indoctrination, monitoring-reporting of forced psychiatry on child, via internet perves. Forced human experimentation -

2019-01-01 12:45:48 +1100

no more mcgorrying! 'In recent years psychiatric researchers have extended the definition of schizophrenia to include a "pre-psychotic" phase. Detection and intervention programmes have been implemented and neuroleptic medication prescribed in the belief that it can prevent the development of psychosis in people who are thought to be "at-risk" (Yung, McGorry, McFarlane, et al., 1996, p. 300). The pre-psychotic signs of schizophrenia are usually referred to as early psychosis or as prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia (Larsen & Opjordsmoen, 1996). These pre-psychotic symptoms, however, are only tentative and researchers themselves sometimes describe them as being "putative" (Yung & McGorry, 1996).'

2019-01-01 12:40:25 +1100

Was McGorry Forced To Pull AstraZeneca Funded Trial on Children?

2018-12-31 22:26:08 +1100

Tardive dyskinesia caused from Psychiatric drugs on youth

2018-12-30 17:56:51 +1100

50 signatures reached

2018-12-29 22:50:19 +1100

horror of neuroleptics forced on how many Victorians? 10,000 forced orders last year, and how many people under threat of forced order, suffering psychiatrists' abuse of them?

2018-12-26 19:47:54 +1100

25 signatures reached

2018-12-26 18:54:16 +1100

Arbitrary detention and perversion of medicine by the mental health system must stop
Isolation/ denial of belongings and visitors/ shut down of human abilities through forced drugging must stop!

2018-12-25 17:00:30 +1100

2018-12-24 11:23:56 +1100

Also have put in an official Govt E-petition
please sign if you live in Victoria, Australia
No psychiatrists in a Mental Health Royal Commission
Closing Date

2018-12-19 12:56:51 +1100

10 signatures reached