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To: Rose Jackson (NSW Minister for Water)


Urgent call for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) at Parsley Bay, Vaucluse


Why is this important?


Parsley Bay is a natural phenomena (backed by experts). There is an anomalously abundant amount of marine, animal, and plant life within this Littoral Rainforest. With a minimum of 3 years of construction (and likely complications), this PARTIALLY underground project will uproot partial (yet significant) amounts of the rainforest area of the Reserve. This includes the removal of trees, significant drilling and digging, and highly likely contamination of the soil, creek and harbour.

Parsley Bay reserve is home to a Plethora of endangered Flora, Fauna and Marine Life. This project poses a massive danger to these vulnerable species, and the risk of extinction cannot be ignored! The White Seahorse and the Powerful Owl are just two of many beautiful, at-risk species who call Parsley Bay home. We can't jeopardise their existence or the significant role that they play in our ecosystem!

Regardless of where you live, you can help us to save the natural inhabitants of this little pocket of paradise. Don’t let Sydney Water take advantage of the people, let’s take action to save our environment!

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Parsley Rd, Vaucluse NSW 2030, Australia

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