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To: All members of the Federal Parliament

Sanctuary for Refugees

“Sanctuary For Refugees” is a campaign organised and run by a group of Australian volunteers who wish to establish a more compassionate set of policies for the granting of asylum to Refugees here in Australia.
The initial aims of the campaign are to seek:

· The immediate closure of the Manus Island and Nauru off-shore detention centres

· Set a legal 20 day time limit on how long asylum seekers may be held in detention whilst identity, health and security checks are made by the Australian Government.
See the website for more details

Why is this important?

Asylum seekers are subject to cruelty and abuse and held in detention for long periods of time. This is inhumane and causes great suffering and harm. Australia is in breach of multiple Internation agreements that it is a party to.
We aim to name and shame the politicians by asking them their position on a specific set of policies in relation to Australia's ttreatment of refugees.
We must have no more state sponsored murder as occured to Reza Barati in Manus Island detenion Centre in feb 2014

How it will be delivered

By people in every electorate writing to their MP and Senators and then posting their replies on the web site to "name and Shame" them



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