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To: Hon Albert P Jacob BEnvDes M.Arch JP MLA Minister for Environment; Heritage

Save Barrow Island

Save Barrow Island

Dear Minister,

Please do not approve the clearing by Chevron Australia of a further 32 hectares on Barrow Island for the Gorgon LNG Project.

Barrow Island is an A-Class nature reserve and considered Australia's Ark due to the many species of fauna not to be found anywhere else in the world.

It has already suffered damage arising from the Gorgon Project through critical quarantine breaches and around 1500 recorded animal deaths. The actual death total is uncertain as Chevron now euthanases injured animals rather than sending them to the mainland for treatment. Furthermore, Chevron is acting illegally by using at least 200 hectares over and above the land approved for the Gorgon Project. The Environmental Protection Authority has failed to penalise Chevron for any of these breaches, basically granting the corporation open slather on this fragile ecology.

In light of the above, it is evident that the environmental footprint of the Gorgon Project should be limited rather than expanded. As Minister for the Environment you have a responsibility to ensure a national treasure is not lost to future generations.

We, the concerned public, call upon you to oppose the clearing of an additional 32 hectares on Barrow Island and bring Chevron to account for the damage it has already caused.

Why is this important?

Chevron is guilty of oil leaks and spills on and around the island. In the following link you can see images of leaking oil pipes:

What is the fate of animals relocated from Barrow Island? Read about it here:

And here is a report relating to an asbestos incident on Barrow Island (that would have threatened animals as much as workers):

It should be noted that the EPA has back-flipped on its original recommendations as reported prior to the Barrow Island Act of 2003 in which it advised against the use of Barrow Island for the Gorgon Project due to the serious risk of incontrovertible damage to the island's unique and fragile ecosystem. One can only wonder why that advice was ignored and ponder why the EPA now supports the clearing of the extra 32 hectares, albeit with conditions attached including a 10% increase in environmental offsets that Chevron has no intention of honouring.

Chevron has a reputation for damaging fragile environments all over the world in its relentless pursuit of fossil fuels. It was a mistake to give them the go ahead to operate the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island in the first place. The clearing of a further 32 hectares will inevitably prove an even bigger error of judgment.

Expansion of gas, oil and coal projects in Australia equals expansion of widespread environmental damage. State and Federal parliaments should be urged to withdraw support from fossil fuel projects and focus instead on environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative energy sources.

The photo on this page is courtesy of Bob Winters.

How it will be delivered

By hand and email with media attention to alert the general public of its delivery.


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