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To: The Tasmanian and Federal Governments of Australia

Save Marney’s Hill Wildlife Nature Reserve

Stop the Tasmanian State Government’s plan to build the Northern Regional Prison
on Marney’s Hill nature reserve.

Why is this important?

The reserve is valuable habitat for flora and fauna, including endangered species such as Masked Owl (only 350 breeding pairs left); Wedge-Tailed Eagle (less than 900 remain in Tassie); Tassie Devils (85% losses); Green and Gold Frog (20% drop in numbers; many other native birds; Echidna; Bandicoots; and Wombats (soft release).

Destroying this habitat to build a prison, when there are alternative prison sites with low natural values should be unconscionable.

Birralee Rd, Westbury TAS 7303, Australia

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