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To: Bathurst Regional Council

Save Mount Panorama

Save Mount Panorama

Don't put a Go-Kart track on top of iconic and sacred Mt Panorama/Wahluu. This is the highest, most iconic and sacred spot in Bathurst, it should not be given to a sporting club for their exclusive use.

Why is this important?

It's important that we let the council know we care about Mt Panorama, the way it is used matters to the people of Bathurst and all the thousands of race goers and visitors that come here every year. It belongs to all people, not just one sporting club, which could easily be located somewhere else.

Reasons for signing

  • Too much indigenous land has been sacrificed. We need to protect our sacred sites and respect the original owners of our land!
  • Save Sacred Australian Sites!
  • An very poor use of PUBLIC FUNDS that will benefit only a privileged few.


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