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To: City of Holdfast Bay Council

Save our significant community open space and building - it's OUR history and OUR future!

Dear Holdfast Bay Council, Please do not sell the former Brighton Town Hall site unless it is to a community co-operative who will maintain ownership and use for the benefit of the community.

Why is this important?

We have a vision to save a national treasure, rejuvenate an historic hall, and create a thriving and inclusive community hub in a significant local open-space - but Council is not listening.
The former Brighton Town Hall is the place the first female politician was elected in Australia. It is one of the oldest remaining town halls in SA and has State-Heritage Status. The hall and adjoining land have been a community space for well over 100 years.
Over many years local residents have consistently fought to keep this site in community hands. The combination of open green space, historic hall, and adjacent public transport makes it the ideal location for a modern community hub. Despite a limited Council consultation process, the result showed overwhelming opposition to the Community Land Status being revoked and the site being sold. Council proceeded with both.
We want the whole site - hall and land - kept in community ownership as per a recently substantial formal offer made to Council by The Original Town Hall community group. If Council insists on selling this site, they should offer it first to the community Co-operative who have demonstrated interest and ability to, together with a community-committed local developer will buy it and turn it into a sustainable community hub integrating affordable housing, open space, a restored hall, community garden, a sustainable cafe/business, and so much more.


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