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To: SA State Government and Onkaparinga Council

Save Sellicks Beach

Sellicks Beach is quiet seaside suburb nestling between the rolling Sellicks Hill range, the vineyards of Mclaren Vale and the St Vincent Gulf. With some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, it has long been a relaxing holiday destination for South Australians and those from further afield, who have been able to enjoy is tranquil surroundings.

The SA State Government and local Onkaparinga Council are planning to destroy this beautiful area by building hundreds of houses and an unnecessary, unwanted shopping centre.

The development must be stopped and this area protected for the enjoyment of all present and future residents, South Australians and tourists.

Why is this important?

So many South Australians remember Sellicks as a cute holiday destination, with sweeping views of the hills towards Myponga and miles of golden sands. It's quiet, peaceful, with quaint seaside houses and no commercialisation. If Government plans go ahead Sellicks will be destroyed by the building of hundreds of houses and a shopping centre, making it just like any other suburban development. It will lose its charm and appeal as a holiday destination, and destroy the area for local residents who call it home.

We can't get back our beautiful areas once they are built on. We have seen this happen again and again, leaving us with fewer and fewer places to enjoy. Future generations are denied enjoyment for the sake of short term financial gain for a small number of people.

Please support your support for Sellicks, one of our most beautiful rural seaside spots by signing this petition to stop the development.


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