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To: MP Harriet Shing Water Minister and MP Mary-Ann Thomas Macedon Ranges

Save The Campaspe River Macedon Ranges

Kyneton Water Treatment Plant managed by Coliban Water requires infrastructure upgrading to be at best practice standards to be able to process and produce high quality water as required no matter what rain events or weather impacts that is suitable and safe to be discharged into Kyneton’s waterways.
Funding is required!
Coliban Water has been illegally discharging toxic water and causing great harm to our waterways and
The Campaspe River and its biodiversity.
Platypus which were once plentiful have disappeared in our region of The Campaspe River.

Why is this important?

Please show your concern and support this petition as our Campaspe River is regularly been noted as unsafe for recreational activities and wildlife.
How is it considered acceptable to use our waterways as drains. EPA is right now considering an amendment to Coliban Water licence to allow them to continue to pollute The Campase.
Kyneton VIC 3444, Australia

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