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To: Dr Tom Hatton for the EPA, The Minister for the Environment (Stephen Dawson), for Tourism and for Climate change

Save the Darling Ranges

Dear Ministers Dawson and Dr Hatton,
A vast ecosystem has already been destroyed through the Darling Ranges and this needs to be stopped. The mines appear to have no regulation and the revegetation of huge areas is unsuccessful. Further spreading of the mines will negatively affect the local community through pollution and reduced tourism. Once these beautiful ancient forest are destroyed they will be gone forever taking there wildlife with them. In this time of climate change we should be focusing on a sustainable economy and preserving the native environment that remains.

Why is this important?

WA most valuable natural resource is our beautiful native environment.
The Darling Ranges are rapidly disappearing destroyed by mining and logging.
Alcoa is planning on extending their mining operation clearing a further 6700ha of the Darling Ranges. This will put the mine on the doorstep of Jarrahdale and Dwellingup, encompassing almost everything between.
All areas of the community and environment will be negatively affected.
The ancient forests will forever be destroyed, displacing and killing the native wildlife that depends on it, including the endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoo and the threatened Quoll, worsening Australia’s extinction crisis,
Local communities will experience a decrease in air quality will due to dust and particle emissions while Greenhouse gas emissions will increase from the refinery and mining operations. The lost tress will no longer remove carbon from the atmosphere further contributing to climate change.
Tourism and recreational activities will reduce through Jarrahdale, Serpentine, North Dandalup and Dwellingup, financially affecting local businesses.
Mining employs only 2% of the Australian work force, and mining is moving toward computerised machinery. Alcoa is mining more aluminium than is needed. This is clear by the amount that litters the environment, the recycling of aluminium requires 5% of the energy required to mine it. Reduce mining increase recycling and Save the Darling Ranges.
The next generation deserves more than to be left with devitalised soil, overgrown with weeds, devoid of life. The community must come together and make our voices heard to Save the Darling Ranges


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