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To: Coles, South Australian Government, Wesfarmers (Coles), Council of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters, Adelaide

Save the heritage Cork Tree in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia

Norwood Cork Tree can breathe easy now that Norwood's Development Assessment Panel rejected Coles' development application by an overwhelming majority, noting that such a development would lead to 'loss of significant trees'. This outcome is all due to a tireless campaign run by locals who refused to stand by a watch a heritage listed, culturally significant tree be removed.

Dear Coles, South Australian State Parliament Members, NPSP Council Members,

We draw your attention Honourable House to the possible destruction of the magnificent heritage Norwood Cork Tree growing in the proposed Coles re-development site, ‘Norwood Village’, adjacent to The Parade, Norwood, South Australia. The tree is at least 122 years old, making it one of the oldest cork trees in Australia, being planted during Norwood’s earliest years.

Your petitioners therefore request that you will urge the Government and Council to take immediate action to preserve the Norwood Cork Tree in its present place and to protect it from destruction.

Why is this important?

This tree was planted in 1892 by prominent industrialist Henry Buttery in his residential property adjacent to his furniture factory, which was the first in South Australia to use steam powered machinery, and the nearby row of Victorian shops from 158 to 166 The Parade, which still retain their distinctive parapets and facades and were also built by Henry Buttery. The tree and the shops represent the cultural history of late 19th Century Norwood.

The cork tree (quercus suber) is significant with respect to its species, trunk size and its age. It is of exceptional form, with a good crown and contributes to the interpretation and understanding of the important history and built heritage of the site. It is registered by the National Trust of Australia (No. 34) on the Significant Tree Register.

How it will be delivered

A modified development application by Coles Developers was assessed by the DAP at their meeting on 18 August. The revised application has been approved by the DAP. Coles plans to retain both the Norwood Cork Tree and the significant River Red Gum.



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Please vote for The Norwood Cork Tree as SA Tree of the Year 2024. Signage has recently been installed for the Norwood Cork Tree. Voting site

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