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To: Linda Reynolds

Save the NDIS

Save the NDIS

To review the use of partner providers of NDIA services.
To cease policy to introduce 'Independent Reviewers" of participant support needs.

Why is this important?

The National Disability Services Scheme has changed many peoples lives including that of my daughter who is 12 and has Down syndrome. The planning role needs to sit with the National Disability Insurance Agency in order to preserve transparency of services. Little is being said about the partner LAC’s but recently my daughters plan moved from NDIA to APM. I was not informed and I have no choice it seems. This is not transparent and these partners look and act like the NDIA but they are contacted but the govt. My details were sent to them without my consent. Here is some of what has been written in the past.

I just want to have the plan sit with the NDIA and not a contractor and that seems to have been removed from our control. Not choice and not control and not what the NDIS is about.
Professionals who know a person with a disability need to provide input into support needs not an assessor who has never met the person and is contracted by the government to meet KPI's.


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