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To: Randwick City Council and Councillors

Save this from happening to Carr St Coogee

This campaign has ended.

We the undersigned request that Randwick Council refuse DA 116/14 which proposes a large two-level concrete podium that will dominate Carr St and that is out of keeping with the foreshore location and residential zoning.

Why is this important?

The southern end of the Coogee foreshore area is the quiet end of Coogee being residential in nature with only low impact commercial development next door and the Grand Pacific heritage building next to that. This proposal is for a two level concrete commercial podium at the base of the high rise block of units on the corner of Carr St and Kurrawa Ave. The unit block is currently set back at ground level from Carr St and from the east and west boundaries, giving it an open and low key feel at street level despite the high rise above. The proposed concrete structure with its bulky podium and the disproportionately large balconies on the 7 floors above would be a gross imposition on this special part of Coogee dominating the location, detracting from the much valued small scale qualites of the bay area and undermining the relaxed village atmosphere that makes Coogee Coogee.


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