To: NSW State Premier & NSW State Government


Dear Premier O'Farrell and Minister Goward,
Please restore Welfare Rights Centre funding immediately. The Sydney office of the Welfare Rights Centre has been successfully giving legal advice at no cost to those on social security benefits for the last 30 years and now you have cut 40 % of their funding recently.
The service provides advocacy and advice, effectively lobbies for real change in terms of social security legislation and help protect people from adverse policies and decisions Centrelink makes, and helps a wide range of the most vulnerable people in our society from those who have disabilities, to sole parent families, from low-income families to children, migrants, homeless people and Aboriginal families living in NSW to name but a few.

All manner of problems are addressed at the Welfare Rights Centre from overpayments, to debts, to assistance with claims like Disability payments and it even tries to protect people from social security legislation trying to introduce income management in some areas of NSW.
Please find a way to fund the Welfare Rights Centre.

Without this service life will be that much tougher for our most vulnerable in NSW society.

Why is this important?

This advocacy and advice, welfare legal service is vital to low income earners on Centrelink who desperately need advice and advocacy regarding overpayments, debts, wrongful decisions that Centrelink makes and also challenges legislation passed through Federal Government that adversely affects people on Centrelink benefits.
The Centre also provides the voice of many thousands of struggling people to the media based on a case by case advocacy service with real stories of hardship to back them up.

How it will be delivered

Deliver the petition in person to pru goward and send a copy to Premier O'Farrell as well as other key ministers.
Stage a press conference also.