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To: Nicolle Flint, Federal Member for Boothby

Speak up for people doing it tough in Boothby!

To Nicolle Flint MP,

Thousands of people in our community have lost our jobs during the COVID crisis. We call on you to speak up for us and use your power as a government MP to:

1. Condemn and challenge Prime Minister Morrison’s $100 a fortnight cut to JobSeeker on January 1, and;

2. Lift the JobSeeker rate above the poverty line permanently, so we can live with dignity while we find our feet.

Why is this important?

Our MP Nicolle Flint condemned 8586 unemployed people in our community to poverty when she voted to slash income support in September.

Now, Flint’s Coalition government is slashing the JobSeeker rate again on January 1, while people should be enjoying the festive season.

Pushing people deeper into poverty during a jobs crisis is cruel – it’ll hurt families, and mean people have less money to support local business.

Nicolle Flint should speak up for our community – by asking Scott Morrison to back down from this cut and instead raise income support above the poverty line, so that people out of work in our community can live with dignity.

With so many people out of work, no one is untouched by this crisis. We all have friends, family and neighbours to advocate for. Right now there are more people worried about income support than the vote margin that elected Nicolle Flint.

If she doesn’t speak up for us – come next election, we shouldn’t support her.

Sign the petition now: Nicolle Flint, raise the rate of JobSeeker!


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