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To: The National Cabinet

Stop Covid-19 dead; economy recovers quickly

Stop Covid-19 dead; economy recovers quickly

Dear National Cabinet
The clear experience in China and South Korea is that Covid-19 can be contained through a science-lead combination of testing, social distancing, infection tracing and rigid isolation. We know that once Covid-19 is under control, the economy will naturally recover. Science also tells us that control will be maintained across the country by a program of thorough ongoing testing.

We urge you to focus on the solving the disease in the knowledge that economic recovery will follow.

You do not need new powers; you need to take seriously the existing powers of quarantine that you already have.

The measures needed have been described by respected Physician, broadcaster and journalist Norman Swan. Most recently in the Coronacast Podcast broadcast on Thursday 27 March. You too can listen to it.

Why is this important?

We want to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian public, and to demonstrate to the world that with good science, goodwill and political agreement this disease can be controlled.

This approach will shock us all. But in 3 months we will thank you and all the health workers of Australian at the End of Covid-19 party.


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