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To: State and federal MPs

Stop logging what is left of NSW and Victoria’s native forest

To the Federal and State governments of Australia,

We know you make hard decisions for the benefit of all Australians. But logging New South Wales and Victoria’s natural bush was never a great decision. Yes lobbyists are pressuring you, yes jobs are at stake. But so is our nation’s precious legacy and our future. Billions of native Australian animals now depend on what is left of our natural Australian habitat.

Even a fool understands that our wildlife needs somewhere safe to live and that Australians strongly identify with our unique wildlife as a national treasure. Endangering that after a state emergency that whipped through hectares of natural forest is political suicide.

You have been voted in by the people of Australia to act on our behalf. Act loud and proud to protect our natural forests. Loggers already have hectare upon hectare of pine forest to log. Our nation needs our National parks protected from these business interests.

the choice to expand logging of national parks, is an error made crystal clear by our current disaster. it’s time to fix this.

Why is this important?

Our native wildlife has lost hectares of native forest in the recent bushfires. To allow logging of our national parks threatens the very survival of our unique Australian Wildlife. We stand on the brink.

How it will be delivered

An email to the Premier’s of NSW and Victoria, and the Prime Minister of Australia. if we receive 10,000 signatures i will contact the media and Get Up to help take this further.


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photo credit goes to Rob Russell from Gosford, NSW, Australia,
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.