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To: Hon. Christian Porter, Attorney-General for Australia

Stop profiteering from coronavirus

Federal government and eBay have taken actions to stop profiteering.

Stop profiteering from coronavirus

Dear Minister,
Anti-profiteering measures must be introduced immediately to eliminate people taking advantage of and exacerbating panic shopping and shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitiser and other essential goods. eBay is now full of ads for toilet paper being sold at exorbitant prices such as $95.00 or more for a pack of four rolls.

Why is this important?

Wondering why there's no toilet paper every time you visit the store? Try visiting eBay to see who is profiteering from the crisis and ensuring the shortages of essential items continue. Please sign now to tell the Federal Government to introduce anti-profiteering legislation immediately. And while you are at it, contact eBay via online chat to tell them what you think they should do.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be emailed to the Attorney-General for Australia


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