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To: Deputy Premier and Minister for Planning Ms Jackie Trad

Stop Toondah Harbour Development

I refer to the 19 June 2014 when the Redland City Council and the LNP State Government issued an Expression of Interest invitation for Priority Development Area (PDA) development in and around Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek.

Please stop the development of Toondah Harbour and surrounding areas! By developing, there will be no legacy to pass on, no protection against natural weather disasters, no wildlife to protect, no community and only a select few with enough money will enjoy the benefits.

Toondah will be a legacy for 100 plus years and is an important place for the community, located just meters from the Cleveland ANZAC memorial. We gather at the memorial every year to commemorate and celebrate our freedom. Toondah Harbour reminds us of that freedom and encourages opportunities for unity within the community.

Please consider the ecological effects that will impact surrounding areas of Toondah Harbour, the mangroves that will be destroyed because of the development will contribute to soil erosion. Mangroves play an important part in protecting the land from effects of storms, absorbing excess water flow during flooding and also act as wind breaks preventing damage to property. Less than 50 percent of the world’s mangrove forest are intact, Mexico, Malaysia, Pakistan have each lost 60 percent of their mangrove forests. Thailand being the highest with a loss of 84 percent. By leaving the mangroves intact, we all still can enjoy the sea and foreshore as public spaces.They are also supporting structures to the wider bay area and breeding grounds for much marine and bird life.

Toondah Harbour is home to dugongs, turtles and migratory shorebirds that are endangered which tourists come to see. If the development goes ahead, their habitat will be destroyed.
The Expression of Interest Invitation, Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek, Redland City Information Memorandum states that:
Toondah Harbour PDA (total area of 67 hectares including 49.5 hectares over water) and Weinam Creek PDA (total area of 42 hectares including six hectares over water) provide for a flexible development offering. Expression of interest (EOIs) for integrated development of all or part of State and Council owned land within the PAs are sought. Key developable land parcels included in the offering comprise:
 6.9 hectares at Toondah Harbour
 10.9 hectares at Weinam Creek
The Expression of Interest Invitation, Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek, Redland City Information Memorandum suggests developing a lovely vibrant space with a views for everyone to enjoy.

The development of Toonda Harbour does not provide any certainty to deliver the public good/ benefit, only to generate profits for the developer Walker Corporation. At what cost? There is already an existing lovely vibrant public space with amazing views for anyone and everyone to enjoy. People come to see and enjoy the natural beauty of Toondah Harbour, but if it is developed, this environment will be all but lost.

Yours sincerely, Naomi Bull

Why is this important?

Who remembers fishing trips, football games and Sunday sessions at the Grandview Hotel in Cleveland? What legacy do you want to leave your kids? The area behind the Grandview Hotel stretching down to the Stradbroke Island Ferry terminal and down to Star of the Sea Catholic School has been approved for development. This will mean an 800 berth marina and 15 storey high apartment blocks. We enjoy this space because we have fought for it over the years, will you fight for it now for the future generations?

How it will be delivered

I will be emailing a copy of all the signatures collected to both Deputy Premier and Minister for Planning, Ms Jackie Trad and the Redlands City Mayor, Councillor Karen Williams.
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