To: The City of Newcastle & the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR)

Streamline applications for small bars in Newcastle LGA

To change to culture of Newcastle's nightlife the City of Newcastle should encourage a varied mix of venues in the CBD, including small bars. The City of Sydney has been supporting small bars (capacity of 120 or less), since 2010 and in doing so has achieved a significant reduction in alcohol-related assaults on licensed premises (3528 in 2008 to 2821 in 2010). The City of Newcastle should streamline the small bar application process and offer assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to opening intimate and sophisticated alternatives to the city's nightclubs. Priority should also be given to bars that will increase the amenity of lanes and precincts characterised by urban decay.

Why is this important?

Newcastle's nightlife has not undergone the same transformation as the city's dining and cultural scene. Locals and visitors to our city are limited in their options after dark and recent findings suggest most do not feel safe in the city centre at night. Small bars will give our city's nightlife the personality and vitality that it needs to move beyond a "booze barn" mentality. The City of Sydney has recorded a dramatic fall in alcohol-related assaults since supporting small bars and their working model should be appropriated by the City of Newcastle.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be used to demonstrate ongoing community support for intimate & sophisticated venues in Newcastle, particularly in and around the East End precinct.