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To: Native Title Tribunal

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Dear Native Title,
Stop the social injustice in the processes, in allowing other peoples perceptions about another families cultural identity.

Why is this important?

How can a group of people, including high profile people have a say in what cultural background you are when they don't know you? We have been fighting to be apart of a Native Title process and was told that we have no connection because of our other cultural background. Our families have connections with the land and sea for decades, since the mid 1800's. My cousin had to travel to Melbourne to get a DNA testing to prove to the authorities and groups of people that they were wrong about us. We have the proof now that we belong to the country we live on in Bowen, therefore the Native Title Tribunal and land councils processes are failing in many ways . Don't allow anyone tell you, who you are, when you know, who you are.

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