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To: Scott Morrison

Take a pay cut Scomo.

Take a pay cut Scomo.

Dear Prime Minister, during this Covid-19 crisis can you follow Jacinda Aheran's leadership and take a 20% pay cut.

Why is this important?

The country is in crisis like the PM has said, times are tough, people have lost jobs, the financial outlook is grim. The PM should show some leadership and take a pay cut.

Reasons for signing

  • Its not true that we are all in this together. Public servants, politicians are some people in the media have secure jobs. Business people are doing it tough. To show solidarity Scott Morrison should take a pay cut.
  • All politicians should be on a wage freeze until the economy is in better shape. It would motivate them to act faster and clearer because like his slogan says "We're all in thsi together


2020-10-17 11:24:28 +1100

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