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To: North Coast Football

Time for North Coast Girls NPL teams

Set up North Coast Girls Representative teams across all ages from 12-18

Why is this important?

It has been a magnificent year for female football in Australia. But on the North Coast of NSW girls still don't have their own representative teams. There are girls teams at a local level, at a state level and at a national level - but a BIG gap at the regional level. If girls want to advance they need to qualify for the boys representative teams.
THIS is the time to give girls soccer on the North Coast the exposure and equality it needs. The Australian public have shown their support for female soccer in Australia - now it's time for the regional football body to get on board and show girls that they have as much right as the boys to represent their region. There will never be a better time to give girls the chance to represent their region with their own teams. As the dad of three soccer-loving girls I believe it's time for them to know that they are worthy of their own teams. Please sign thius petition to North Coast football and SHARE as widely as you can.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered to North Coast Football in Coffs Harbour in time for them to develop representative female soccer teams for next season.

Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

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