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To: Legislative Assembly of Victoria

Victoria: Let’s get off gas!

In the picture above, a green park can be seen from a bird's eye view. In the centre of the park, a big, black banner is visible, with the writing “Fund Our Future Not Gas” in white.

The Victorian Government is due to announce its Gas Substitution Roadmap this year. We, School Strikers for Climate, backed by thousands of students and adults around Australia, are calling on every MP in the Victorian Assembly:

1. To oppose any new gas or other fossil fuel projects.

2. To support a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy in Victoria.

Why is this important?

Hi - we’re Jasmine, Maggie, Emilie, Grace, Lucie, Lili and Beth. We are just some of the thousands of students behind School Strike 4 Climate, a network of students across Australia who strike and demand for climate change to be treated as the crisis that it is.

We all saw or experienced the devastating effects that the 2020 bushfires had on everyone, regardless of where you live across the country. These fires affected front-line and marginalised communities first and more than anyone; the burden of climate change should not fall on those who contribute the least to it. These fires, along with other extreme weather events will only be exacerbated by our society’s reliance on gas, and is a fraction of the damage that will be done if the Victorian government continues to allow and support gas expansion and other fossil fuels.

Just recently the Victorian government announced their consent for new gas drilling on Keerray Wurrung country at the Port Campbell National Park, near the 12 Apostles (Guardian, 2021), This comes just weeks after the Federal Liberal Government – with the Victorian Labor Government’s support – opened up vast areas for drilling just 6km from the 12 Apostles.

The world is facing an escalating climate emergency- new gas is the last thing we need. Not to forget the danger this places on one of Australia's most cherished and iconic natural wonders.

The Morrison Government wants a so-called “gas-led recovery.” But this is a false narrative - gas is composed mainly of methane - and is much more potent polluting greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Will gas support us when the world is burning because of the government’s inaction? Aren’t our lands and people worth more than the profits of fossil fuel giants who have shown, time and time again, a complete and utter disregard for life on earth?

With governments around the world turning away from fossil fuels and gas fields in the Bass Strait collapsing, before long, gas will become more expensive. Investing in gas is the equivalent of throwing away billions of public dollars to destroy our chances of a future.

But there’s hope. Communities across the country are pushing back against fracking, gas exploration and offshore drilling. First Nations communities are leading the way, staunchly opposing fossil fuel giants who have no regard for our future.

Right now we need to build on this movement and show the Victorian government that gas is not popular with the public - and that we demand a rapid shift to renewables that doesn’t leave anyone behind. We need your help to do so. Sign our petition now!


“I got involved in protests after my brother and friend dragged me along to the climate strikes in 2019. Now I’m committed to working towards climate justice and a true, just-transition for everyone. Getting Victoria off gas matters to me because it’s real people that the destruction and devastation of climate change harms. And it’s not good enough that our government chooses not to act urgently.” - Jasmine.

“I became involved in protesting for climate justice after travelling to Cuba and witnessing the devastating effects of climate change on a geographically vulnerable community. I have since wanted to make a discernible change. The change required matters not only for the existence of humanity, but for the thousands of other living organisms that our profit-seeking empires will likely destroy.” - Grace.

“I first attended the school strike in 2019, and I was fuelled by the teenage anger, as thousands of students marched alongside me, angry at how poorly the government was handling the climate crisis. 2020 was a hard year for everyone, however I know that we cannot recover from the lockdown by funding GAS!!! Now, all I can do is fight for MY future, and hopefully get the government to finally listen to our voices! And if there is one thing I am sure of, it is that the government HAS to fund our future not gas!” - Maggie

“I first became involved with school strike in 2018, fuelled by my anger at politicians inaction and apathy on the issue of climate change. Climate Activism is important to me as it is not some far-away threat that will impact my future children, but a threat that is very real, and here today - we’ve seen the bushfires, we’ve seen the floods, we’ve seen the droughts and sea-levels rise. As highlighted by the recently released IPCC report, now is the time for urgent action. We must act and get Victoria off gas to secure the futures of not just the future generations, but Australians today. “ - Lili

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition in person to the Victorian Parliament, provided this can be done safely.

Victoria, Australia

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