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To: North Sydney Council

Waverton Dog Park Night Lights

Have lighting installed over the upper park of Waverton Park

Why is this important?

This dog park is used by many people and canines every afternoon, most of whom all know each other and are good friends with each other and come down together for the enjoyment of socialisation with each other and exercise. This is even more precious to some during the current pandemic as its the only face to face contact they get all day. However due to the winter sun and day light savings by the time we get down there its pitch black which presents alot of safety issues for ourselves, passers by, cars and of course the pooches. Its safe to say the park is used by many at this time of night.
The difference in the amount of dog owners that are down in summer arvos and winter arvos is very noticeable. Many people arent willing to risk it or deal with the anxiety of not being able to see the dogs and as such forfeit the experience which is harmful to the human and pooches socialisation and exercise. Also anyone walking through to balls head or to the lower park for sport cant see whats going on which can be scary and dangerous.

Woolcott St, Waverton NSW 2060, Australia

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