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Dear State and Federal Ministers,
Please step in immediately to prevent any further damage to the Fraser Coast Region. The current Council
and CEO and Executive do not listen to the rate payers nor and the people as a collective; breaching the
Local Government Act 2009 – Section 4
4 Local government principles underpin this Act
(1) To ensure the system of local government is accountable, effective, efficient and sustainable,
Parliament requires—
(a) anyone who is performing a responsibility under this Act to do so in accordance with the
local government principles; and
(b) any action that is taken under this Act to be taken in a way that—
(i) is consistent with the local government principles; and
(ii) provides results that are consistent with the local government principles, in as
far as the results are within the control of the person who is taking the action.
(2) The local government principles are—
(a) transparent and effective processes, and decision-making in the public interest; and
(b) sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and delivery of
effective services; and
(c) democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement; and
(d) good governance of, and by, local government; and
(e) ethical and legal behaviour of councillors and local government employees.

WE DEMAND that the Mayor and Several Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Team be
stood down immediately without pay and a Government Official put in place whilst an investigation is
undertaken into the Fraser Coast Regional Council (herein after named FCRC) activities and associations
with big businesses and developers on the Fraser coast.
It seems that a Special Mayor’s Boys Business Club has formed to assist the big business end of town and the
Councillors who object to those decisions are left out of further consultations..

Why is this important?

 Maryborough Historical Original Town Site is under threat of destruction as the FCRC wish to turn
it into a new development site
 Small businesses losing trade and closing their doors because of the relocation of the
Maryborough Outdoor Markets
 The foreshore of Hervey Bay has had its native vegetation removed causing erosion.
 Disabled Parking Laws have been overruled by the Mayor instructing his Parking Officers to turn a
blind eye to illegal disability parking.
 New Road Works on Main street were not carried out in accordance with the provision of Disability
parking Bays in accordance with Australian Standards AS2890.6
 Road way into the Airport now classified as a council car park which affects the availability of Blue
Disability Parking Permit holders rights.
 The Mayor wants to close off the Esplanade to motor vehicles forcing tourists and visitors to park in
the back streets then walk to the beach.
 150 year old Fig Trees that form a canopy over the Esplanade are under threat.
 Other vegetation along the Esplanade has been removed and destroyed in order to please the
Business owners of apartments, hotels and other eateries to enhance their customer’s views of
the bay
 No current Shoreline Erosion Management Plan
 No Foreshore Master Plan
 FCRC has granted $10 Million to a sporting complex until 2017 yet sporting clubs are being bullied
/forced to move from current location.
 FCRC has neglected the rate payers maintenance needs in local parks and lake areas in order to
spend the money on areas frequented by tourists.
 FCRC wasting money on already existing parks that don’t need anything done to them whilst other
communities require them urgently.
 FCRC wasting money by repairing a rock wall three times and still is not constructed properly.
 FCRC has closed meetings on the Monday before the Public Meeting on the Wednesday and
most decisions have already been made
 FCRC will not listen to the residents / rate payers - our protests and objections fall on deaf ears.
 FCRC intends to relocate the Pialba Memorial Hall and Pialba Railway station which are a great
part of Hervey Bays Heritage. Both Buildings are listed on the Local Heritage and Asbestos
 FCRC approves upgrades to roads that have been attended to within twelve month period.
 This Council appears to look after the Business sector of town and has plans of turning Hervey
Bay into another Gold or Sunshine Coast.
 FCRC granted approval to their Business Buddies to make improvement to their eateries built on
public owned Council land on the foreshores without any proper consultation with the rate payers,
one business owner has now applied to extend his eatery from the beach out through parkland
to the Esplanade and convert his business now into three separate identities, begs to ask the
question as to what the mayor and his boys club are getting in order to pass this building
application.....a free cup of coffee....I think Not...!!
 People have moved from Interstate and big cities to escape to a sea change they don’t want what
the FCRC are pushing for.
 People are selling and moving because of the high Council & Water Rates ,the increasing crime
rate and the increasing ongoing high unemployment rates.

How it will be delivered

The Petition will be delivered and presented to the appropriate attending Government Official at the "Fraser Coast Community Unites Event" at the Pialba Memorial Hall in Hervey Bay at 1130 am on Sunday the 12th of July 2015


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This Petition will be Presented at the MARCH AUSTRALIA Gathering 1130 am at the Pialba Memorial hall Main Street on the 12th of July 2015 , please show your support and voice your opinions about this Council and its CEO you attendance will add more power to the people.

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