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To: Pat Conaghan MP, Federal Member for Cowper

Cowper says save the ABC!

Dear Pat Conaghan MP,

We’re calling on you to become a champion for the ABC. We need to restore and increase essential operational funding to the ABC, so it meets our needs with confidence, independence, and integrity.

Mr Conaghan, we need you to speak up for your community in Cowper and call for a fully-funded ABC.

Why is this important?

“Being a new mum, I trust it with my child's happiness and development. Bluey is brilliant, and Play School has been part of my life for almost 40 years.” Mereki, local resident of Cowper

The ABC keeps our country safe in times of crisis. It helps us stay informed with stories we can trust. It holds truth to power at a time when misinformation is on the rise. It educates our children.

Many Cowper locals grew up with the ABC and depend on it daily, so it’s hard to imagine our lives without it.

We need to act now before it’s too late - $783 million has already been cut from the ABC’s budget in the period of 2014-2022, over 250 jobs have been slashed and countless programmes have been axed.*

The October Budget is a crucial moment for the ABC. Reports in the media are suggesting further cuts are to be expected, pushing the ABC’s future into even more doubt.

The ABC is the most trusted news source in the country. It brings our community together, it’s there for us in the darkest of times. We need Mr Conaghan to stand up for the ABC now, before it’s too late.

* 'ABC loses $783m funding since 2014 when Coalition made its first cuts – report', The Guardian, 4 May 2020


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