To: Josh Frydenberg, Member for Kooyong

Your community says save the ABC!

Dear Josh Frydenberg MP,

We’re calling on you to become a champion for the ABC. We need to restore and increase essential operational funding to the ABC, so it meets our needs with confidence, independence, and integrity.

Mr Frydenberg, we need you to speak up for your community in Kooyong. As both our local MP, and as Treasurer, we need you to ensure a restoration of funding at this year's budget.

Why is this important?

The ABC keeps our country safe in times of crisis. It helps us stay informed with stories we can trust. It holds truth to power at a time when misinformation is on the rise. It educates our children.

Many Kooyong locals grew up with the ABC and depend on it daily, so it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But years of budget cuts are pushing it to breaking point with more programmes facing cancellation and hundreds of job losses to come.

A massive $340 million has been cut from the ABC’s budget since 2014, and the latest funding freeze has created an additional $84 million funding shortfall. We need to act now, before it’s too late.

The ABC is the most trusted news source in the country. It brings our community together. We love our ABC, which is why we are asking our local representative to champion it.